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   Chapter 8 The Bluff

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Her voice wasn't loud, but her words echoed like thunder, silencing the entire room. The atmosphere was tense after she said those words.

Wanda stood tall in front of them. Although she looked a little disheveled, she smiled defiantly at them.

Even in the murky room, the luster in her eyes was clear. It was as if what she just said was illusionary.

After a moment of silence, one of the men was able to recover from the shock and asked, "What… What did you say?"

"I said, 'Fuck. You. Motherfucker.'" Wanda enunciated each word slowly and looked the man straight in the eye with a smug smile on her face.

The coldness in her eyes left the man flabbergasted. For a moment, he forgot that the frail woman in front of him was a waitress and that she had no right to speak to him this way.

Before the man could reply, Wanda asked in a mocking voice, "Are you upset with me?"

Then, she glanced around the men in the room, and continued calmly, "Your faces all look a bit red. It seems like you're all very upset. I never knew a man with such thick skin could blush so much. If someone did the same as you've done to me, wouldn't you be angry too? Everyone's human. What makes you think you're superior to others?"

None of the men ever expected to be scolded in a place like this. Mr. Zhong's face flushed and twitched in anger. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but couldn't find the right words.

The man who had been in a daze a moment ago finally came to his senses. He immediately approached Wanda with the bottle and yelled, "You shameless…"

As he spoke, he raised the bottle towards Wanda. It looked like he was about to smash the bottle on her head.

It was obvious that he wanted to punish Wanda. However, the man was so intoxicated that he missed her head by a few inches. Wanda narrowly dodged the bottle, and it hit the wall before shattering into a million pieces and spilling its contents everywhere.

Wanda glanced back at them, her heart beating rapidly.

If she had been hit just now, her head would have been badly mutilated.

These men were reckless enough to hurt women.

Wanda's heart sank as she thought of the situation she was in. She quickly glanced around the mess in the room, and then raised her eyes to the man who tried to attack her. Her hands were trembling with adrenaline.

It seemed like she wouldn't be able to leave this room without starting a fight.

As for her future, Wanda would think about it later!

"You bitch! I thought you only had a bad attitude before, but it seems you can do worse! I'll have to teach you a lesson and show you how it works around here!" The man broke out into curses as he glanced at the broken bottle, and then rushed over, trying to pull Wanda's clothes off.

'These damn bastards!' Wanda gritted her teeth, alr

eady exhausted by this encounter.

The man's hand grazed her chest, but Wanda didn't shy away from it. She just raised her leg and hit the man's crotch with her knee. The man doubled over in pain, and she took this opportunity to slap the man's greasy face.


Her hand made a crisp sound as it made contact with his face. The atmosphere in the room became even tenser. Even though music blared in the background, the room still felt deathly silent.

It seemed like Wanda no longer cared about being a target for criticism. She just raised her chin and said, "You're funny. Do you know who's behind me? Do you know who brought me here? How dare you offend me without knowing anything about me! Let me tell you, Quincy brought me here!"

As soon as she finished speaking, the intoxicated faces of the men suddenly became alert.

Although Wanda couldn't tell if they believed her or not, any mention of Quincy's name was enough to scare them away.

'This should make them stop finding fault with me!'

Wanda thought to herself. She narrowed her eyes and continued bluntly, "He has a high status here. Why do you think he arranged for me to come here? You don't have to know the reason, but you can ask anyone outside if I'm telling the truth or not. You should be familiar with his name, right? I don't know if you would be able to keep your hands if I mention what you did to me in front of him!"

She looked composed on the outside, but her palms were slick with sweat.

What background could she have? The truth was that she had nothing to show for herself.

Wanda took a deep breath and took a step back. "If you need any special services, you can contact our director. He can make arrangements for you. If there's nothing else I can do for you, I hope you enjoy your stay here."

After she spoke, she reached for the doorknob. Then she turned to leave and quickly slipped out.

Her threats couldn't be verified. It was only a distraction so that she could escape.

Now that she had managed to get out, she should cut her losses and run away. If anyone of the men was perceptive in the room who could tell that she was just bluffing, she would be in big trouble.

However, no matter what happened today, Quincy would find out about it.

She couldn't think of the punishment that would be waiting for her. Wanda suddenly felt hollow and regretted her actions.

What if she hadn't been so impulsive? Would things have turned out better if she put up with it?

However, there was no room for what-ifs anymore.

After leaving the room, Wanda went out to take a breath of fresh air. She was grateful there was no trace of alcohol or cigarette smoke in the air. The adrenaline in her system was wearing off, and her head became clear again.

There was only one thing on her mind—escape!

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