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   Chapter 8 Bluff

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Her voice was not loud, but her words were like thunder, making the originally noisy box strangely quiet for a moment, falling into an indescribable atmosphere.

Wanda stood still. Although her clothes had been torn a little messy, she still smiled calmly.

Even in such a miasma, her dark eyes could still be seen with a clear luster, as if the vulgar curse just now was just their illusion.

Sure enough, after a few seconds of silence, one of the men asked with uncertainty, "what, What did you say? "

"I said, fuck You. Mother. " Wanda repeated the words clearly and then looked into the man's eyes with a smile.

Although she was smiling, the coldness in her eyes made the man who was commanding just now a little stunned. For a moment, he forgot the fact that the frail woman in front of him was only a waitress, and should not be very destructive.

Before the man could react, Wanda said again in an astonishing cold tone, "are you angry?"

Without waiting for his answer, Wanda glanced around the three men in the box, snorted and continued calmly, "it seems that you are really angry and your face is red. It was not until now that I realized that blush could be noticed even on the face of such a thick skinned man. Since you would be angry if you were said like this, did you think that others would not be angry when they heard this? Everyone is human. Who gives you the illusion that you are superior to others? "

Perhaps he didn't expect that the person in front of him would really dare to contradict him like this. Mr. Zhong's face turned red and pale, and the muscles on his face were twitching. It seemed that he wanted to say something, but he couldn't say it for a moment.

The man who had been in a daze before finally came to his senses. He immediately took two steps forward with the bottle and cursed, "you are fucking lawless..."

As he spoke, he was about to smash the bottle on Wanda's head.

It was obvious that he wanted to give Wanda a hard time. However, the man was already drunk, and he still couldn't hit the target. With just a shrink of her head, Wanda had already narrowly dodged, causing the man's bottle to hit the wall behind her, breaking pieces of glass mixed with wine on the ground.

Wanda glanced at them quickly and was a little shocked.

If she had been hit just now, her head would have been badly mutilated.

These men were really so reckless to hurt women.

Wanda's heart sank, and her tone became colder. After only taking a glance at the messy ground, she quickly raised her eyes and coldly stared at the man who took the lead in attacking. Her hands beside her were already a little restless.

It seemed that she couldn't leave this place safe without fighting against them fiercely today.

As for the future Let's talk about it later!

"Bitch! I said you were bad tempered before, and you really acted like this! I'll teach you a lesson today and let you know what rules are! " Seeing that he failed, the man cursed fiercely and rushed to pull he

r clothes again.

These old bastards! She gritted her teeth and felt bored.

Seeing that the man's hand had touched her chest, she did not dodge. She just took her aim raised her legs suddenly and hit the man's crotch with her knee. When the man bent down because of pain, she raised her hand and slapped the man's greasy face full of alcohol.

"Clap -"

A crisp sound made the temperature in the room drop a few more degrees. Even the noisy music could not cover up the dead silence of the three men in the room at the moment.

However, it seemed that Wanda didn't care about being the target of public criticism at all. She just raised her chin and said, "it's funny. Do you know who is behind me? Do you know who arranged me here? How dare you attack me without knowing my background? Let me tell you, I was personally arranged by Quincy."

As soon as she finished speaking, she sensitively found that the faces of the three drunk men in front of her had changed subtly.

Although Wanda didn't know whether they believed it or not, at least she could deduce that Quincy's name was more or less a deterrent to them.

That's enough. That's enough.

Wanda thought to herself. She narrowed her eyes and said bluntly, "he has such a high status. Why did he specially arrange me to be here? You don't have to understand the reason, but you can ask outside if I was arranged by Quincy or not. As a matter of fact, you guys should know his name, right? I don't know if you can keep your arms if I tell something out! "

Although she looked calm, only she knew that her palms were so hot that they couldn't help sweating, and even her tightly clenched fingertips were about to slip away.

What background could she have? In other words.

She took a deep breath and stepped back. "Well, if you need special service, you can contact our director to make new arrangement. If there is nothing else, I hope you have a good time. "

After saying that, her hand behind her had already grasped the doorknob. As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around to open the door and slipped out.

After all, these words could not be verified. It was just a temporary shock to them, so that she could escape.

Now that she had achieved her goal, she should stop at the right time and run away early. Otherwise, if there happened to be a smart man among the drunkards who was the first to react, she would be in big trouble.

But No matter what she did today, Quincy would know it.

She didn't dare to think about what the punishment would be there waiting for her. She felt empty, scared and a little regretful.

If she didn't act on impulse, would the result be better if she put up with it for the time being?

However, there was no "if".

Outside the box, Wanda took a deep breath of the fresh air without the smell of cigarettes and alcohol. She felt that her head, which had just passed out because of the miasma, became clear.

Without any hesitation, there was only one word in her mind now -- "escape!"

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