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   Chapter 7 Salty Trotter

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Damn you old bastard!

The cold touch like a dead fish made Wanda scalp tingle. She couldn't help trembling and pressed his hand like being struck by lightning.

Regardless of the greasy feeling in her palm, Wanda's pretty face completely darkened. She snapped, "Sir, please respect me!"

She thought she was harsh enough, but after all, she was just a little waitress here now. The three men in the room didn't take it seriously at all. They were still laughing and clinking glasses. The three pairs of green bean eyes constantly glanced at the key position of Wanda, wishing to make a hole in it.

After a short pause, the hand shook off Wanda's hand and continued to touch her skirt which had been pulled up several inches.

"Sir!" Wanda had to raise her voice and held the hand again with her hands. On the other hand, she pretended to rub the tip of his shiny leather shoes with the heels of her high heels.

She exerted so much strength that the sharp heel left a deep dent on the leather shoe, which also caused the man to let out an out-of-tune scream in his duck voice.

Taking advantage of the man's momentary pain, Wanda stumbled out of his hand, quickly smoothed the lifted dress, and barely stood up.

Looking at the slightly twisted face because of the pain, Wanda still maintained a professional smile, but her eyes were so cold that they were almost frozen into frost. "Hello, sir. If you have any orders and requirements, as long as it is within my responsibility, I will serve you with all my heart. You are also a man of status. You don't have to force me, a little woman, to do anything against the rules, right? "

As she spoke, she carefully retreated, hoping to find an opportunity to turn around and escape.

She could see clearly that these men were not reasonable people. Now that she could run away, she had to run as soon as possible. Staying for a long time was no different from courting death.

However, her small action failed. After screaming twice, the fat Mr. Lee quickly coughed heavily, gritted his teeth and stared straight at Wanda in front of him.

Wanda froze and knew that something bad was going to happen.

The feeling of nausea surged up again, like a time bomb exploding in her stomach. She had to grit her teeth to prevent herself from vomiting on the spot.

Soon, she heard the man's obscene laughter. "Oh, why are you still shy? You've already worked here, why are you still pretending to be pure and lofty. But that's good. I like women who look serious and flirty in their bones. That's more delicious! "

As soon as he finished speaking, the two men sitting next to him quickly flattered and chuckled with implication. Their faces, which were red because of the smell of alcohol, looked like devils in the dim light on the top of the box.

Soon, one of the two men stood up and reprimanded in a somewhat frivolous manner, "Why are you still standing here? Why don't you go back to accompany Mr. Lee? Don't think you can be so angry just because you are pretty. Mr. Lee was magnanimous not to be angry with you before. If you are sensible, go back

and punish yourself a few more glasses of wine, or you will suffer a lot! "

Wanda didn't move. She just stood with her head down and clenched her fists on both sides of her body.

Blue veins stood out on the back of her delicate hand. It was obvious that she was trying hard to endure it.

It was not the first time that she had been humiliated like this.

In the past, in order to save money to treat her uncle's illness, she had almost done every job that she could do. Of course, there were many guests who deliberately flirted with her. However, if it's a minor issue, she just perfunctorily and quickly left, and if it's a major issue, she would immediately turn against them at the cost of losing this job. Anyway, she could find another part-time job, and her integrity and purity could not tolerate others to trample on her so easily.

But now, things were different.

There was no room for her to leave here.

Since she had already signed the agreement, how could she leave so easily? Not to mention that there were many security guards in this place, and it was impossible for her to escape without wings. It could be said that if she really escaped by luck, the price she would have to pay next was incalculable.

Last time, Quincy threatened her with one hand of her uncle. What would happen next time? One foot? One eye? Even One life?

When she thought of Quincy's narrowed fox eyes, she could clearly see that he was smiling. But the malicious and insidious look in his eyes made her feel cold from the bottom of her heart.

That was the highest degree of neglect of life, so that Quincy always maintained a high position, like a god of life and death, overlooking the humble mortals below.

Thinking of this, Wanda couldn't help but shiver, feeling cold all over her body.

The pair of eyes in her mind were like a warning line, making her dare not take a step forward.

She believed that Quincy could really kill someone.

He didn't even need to do it himself. He only needed to raise his thin eyelids and raise the corners of his good-looking lips to determine the life and death of people like her.

It was so unfair The world was so unfair.

Thinking of this in despair, Wanda's eyes were a little unfocused and she seemed to be unable to react.

When she was in a daze, the man became anxious when he saw her standing. He frowned and warned her fiercely, "let me tell you, let alone Mr. Lee wants to touch your thigh now, you have nowhere to sue him even if he directly fucked you here. You are just a prostitute. It was enough to pretend for two times, and then it was unwise to continue! Be sensible and sit back, or... "

In an instant, there seemed to be a thunder in Wanda's head, as if the blood vitality all over her body was uncontrollably surging up, making her suddenly stand straight, like a sharp sword out of its sheath. She looked at the man who was commanding her with sharp eyes.

The man was stunned by her sharp gaze. Before he could say anything, the little beauty in front of him smiled at him and said three words clearly, "Fuck. You. Mother. "

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