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   Chapter 6 Cheap Purity and Loftiness

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The Quincy's eyes fell on Wanda's body, burning her like fire. Wanda didn't dare to look up. At this time, he said in a charming voice above her head, "did you do anything wrong? Why are you so scared? "

"No, No. The business tonight is so good that I have sent too much wine. Now my hands are a little sore. I'm sorry." Wanda replied. After she put the wine on the table, she turned around and left.

"Did I let you go?" The Quincy's voice was a little lazy, but it was cold as if it was from the hell. Wanda stood still trembling and didn't dare to look back. "Come and sit down."

"Sorry, I can't drink."

"Come here." Quincy's voice was still the same, but there was a trace of impatience in it. She endured the coldness as sharp as a blade. Then Wanda turned around and walked to the farthest place from him and sat down. But this time, she didn't get into trouble.

With an evil smile on his lips, he asked indifferently, "how much is the wine here in total?"

"Five thousand and two hundred." Just now, she didn't even notice what kind of wine she was holding. Until now, when Quincy asked, Wanda seemed to answer it subconsciously. She had been working hard these days. Whenever she was free, she would recite the wine price list as much as possible.

"Open it."

"Yes, sir." Wanda hurried to open the bottle.

Quincy frowned, "you've worked here for so long. Don't you even know the basic knowledge? Do you want me to pour wine by myself? "

Wanda didn't say anything, and then poured the wine for him in silence.

At this time, Wanda noticed that there were many wounds on the back of Quincy's hand, and the blood hadn't completely solidified yet.

All of a sudden, Quincy used a strong force and pulled Wanda into his arms and sat down. The next second, her lips were pressed down directly. It took her a while to react. When she was struggling, she was fed the wine in his mouth.

"Plop!" Wanda was choked by the pungent wine and pushed Quincy away. She coughed and burst into tears and snot at the same time. She hid in a corner and stared at Quincy with fear.

"Didn't you just say that you couldn't drink wine? Now you can!" Then Quincy turned to look at her and said, "sometimes, being too pure and lofty will make people feel that you are hypocritical. In this kind of place, put away your cheap loftiness."

His slender fingers were playing with the lighter in his hand, and his eyes were staring at her straightly, as if she was standing in front of him wearing nothing. He was right, but she only had this cheap purity now.

Wanda coughed a few more times, and her throat was very painful because of the alcohol. She stubbornly wiped her tears with her sleeve and said lightly, "if you don't have any other orders, I'll go downstairs to work."

After saying that, she opened the door and ran out. She hid in the bathroom, biting the back of her hand and crying bitterly. This place was not for people to stay at all. Run! When this word suddenly flashed through her mind, Wanda even shocked herself. Although she had only been here for a few days, she had already known something about Quincy. There was nowhere for her to escape from South Sea City.

Besides, if she really ran away, Quincy would not let her uncle go.

While staying in the bathroom for a long time, her talkie kept ringing. She t

ook a few deep breaths, washed her face with cold water, and sorted out her hair in front of the mirror before slowly walking out.

A man staggered over, and Wanda quickly stepped aside. But when he stood in front of her, his eyes suddenly gave out a lewd light. 'Like a Magic Lotus with loftiness, and the melancholy in her eyes are fascinating. How could there be such a high-quality person here?' "Are you new here?" The man asked.

Wanda answered lightly. When she was about to leave, the man reached out his hand and blocked her way. He took out a pile of money from his bag and put it directly into her chest. She pursed her lips angrily and was about to kick his vital parts. But she was suddenly awakened by Quincy's words.

She lowered her head and said nothing.

"Beauty, this is the tip for you. Remember to send wine to Room 204 later. Remember, the best champagne. At that time, I will give you another tip."

Wanda turned around and ran away quickly.

The man, staring at her slender waist and even and straight legs outside the short skirt, became excited. It seemed that he could finally get something new tonight.

After running far away, Wanda took out the money from her chest. It was a total of three thousand dollars. She didn't expect that this person would be so generous. Thinking about this, she smiled bitterly. She could earn three thousand dollars for an insult, and there would be another tip later. In less than ten minutes, she could earn more than a month before. Sure enough, loftiness was cheap.

Wanda went to the bar counter and asked for a bottle of wine. She told the room number. Hearing that it was 204, the colleague at the bar counter looked around worriedly and said to her in a low voice when nobody noticed, "that man is a famous old lecher. He is fat and disgusting. Relying on his wealth, every time he comes, he will ask a lot of girls to go in and accompany him. Remember, come out as soon as you bring the wine. Don't stay."

Wanda felt warm in her heart because no one had cared about her like this for a long time. She nodded gently and walked towards Room 204 with the wine in her hand.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw the eyes like a green fly fixing at her up and down. "Little beauty, come here and pour wine for me. The money here is yours."

"Oh, Mr. Zhong, it's unfair. We have been with you for so long, but you haven't given us so much tip."

He didn't care much about it. "You can't compare with her. She is very clean."

Under the cold eyes of the girls inside, Wanda walked to Mr. Zhong and opened the bottle. When she was about to pour it for him, a fat hand suddenly was on her leg.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at him nervously. Then Mr. Zhong took out a pile of money and put it on the table. "As long as I am happy tonight, all the money here is yours." When he spoke, the fat on his face was also shaking at the same time. Perhaps it was because he was too excited before, his face and neck were full of sweat.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm just delivering wine."

"So what? Everyone has a price tag. I can afford it if you tell me. "

Trying her best to hold back her anger, she was just eager to leave the room as soon as possible. She quickly poured the wine for him. When she was about to stand up, she was pulled hard by the man.

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