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   Chapter 6 Get Off Your High Horse

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Quincy's eyes fell upon Wanda, his gaze so intense that she felt as if he were trying to burn her. She didn't dare to look him in the eye. In a charming voice, he asked, "Did you do something wrong? Why do you look so scared?"

"Don't mind me. It's been busy tonight so I've been running around to serve wine everywhere. My hands are a bit sore from it. That's all. I apologize," Wanda answered. After placing the wine on the table, she turned around to leave.

"Did I say that you could leave?" Quincy drawled, his tone sounding icy. Wanda trembled at the sound of his voice and was too afraid to turn around and face him. "Come and sit," he continued.

"I'm sorry, but I can't drink."

"Come here," Quincy ordered with a trace of impatience in his voice. Wanda tried to brace herself for what was to come, enduring the coldness in his demeanor. She walked towards the seat farthest from him and sat down. At the sight of this, Quincy did not say anything to make things difficult for her.

With a malicious smile on his lips, he asked nonchalantly, "How much is the wine?"

"Five thousand and two hundred." She didn't even notice the kind of wine she was holding. When Quincy asked her, she just answered him in a daze. She had been working hard these days. Whenever she had the time, she would recite the wine price list and try to memorize it.

"Open it."

"Yes, sir." Wanda hurried to open the bottle and then sat back to her seat.

Quincy frowned. "You've worked here for so long. Don't you even know the basic knowledge? Do you want me to pour wine by myself?"

Wanda didn't reply. She just poured the wine for him in silence.

After she was done, her eyes darted to Quincy's hand. She noticed that there were wounds on the back of his hand, and some of the blood was still fresh.

All of a sudden, Quincy roughly pulled Wanda into his arms. Their lips were suddenly pressed against each other. She was so stunned that it took her a moment to realize what was happening. As she struggled against him, he pried her mouth open and let her taste the wine from his mouth.

Wanda gagged on the pungent wine and pushed Quincy away. Her eyes watered as she coughed badly. She pressed herself against a corner and stared at Quincy in fear.

"You told me that you couldn't drink wine. Now you can!" Quincy said as he turned to look at her. "In this place, being too pure and righteous would make people think that you're being hypocritical. If you want to survive here, get off your high horse."

His slender fingers played with the lighter in his hand as he spoke. His gaze made Wanda feel like he had seen through her. He was right, but the only thing she could hold onto was her senseless purity.

Wanda coughed a few more times, and her throat ached from the burn of the alcohol. She stubbornly wiped her tears with a sleeve and said, "If you have no other requests, I'll be going downstairs to work."

She quickly opened the door and ran out. Then, she hid in the restroom, crying bitterly into the back of her hand to stifle her sobs. Working in this place was too much for her. She found herself on the verge of collapse. If possible, she only wished she could run out of this terrible place. Her sudden urge to escape stunned herself. Although she had only worked here for a few days, she knew enough about Quincy. If she fled, he would find her. There was nowhere for her to escape in the South Sea City.

Besides, if she ran away, Quincy would make her uncle suffer for it.

She stayed in the restroom for a while to calm herself down. Her talkie was ringing off the hook. Before leaving, she took

a few deep breaths and splashed some cold water on her face. Then, she checked herself in the mirror and sorted out her hair before walking out.

A man staggered towards her, and Wanda quickly stepped out of his way. However, he blocked her path and when she looked into his eyes, he was looking at her with a vulgar expression. 'She's like a pure angel in this place. Why do her eyes look so melancholic? What a fascinating sight. How could there be such a beautiful woman here?' the man thought to himself. "Are you new here?" he purred.

"Yes," Wanda replied indifferently. When she turned to leave, the man reached a hand out and stopped her. He took out a pile of cash from his wallet and slid it directly into her pocket. Wanda pursed her lips angrily and was about to kick him when she suddenly heard Quincy's warning in her head.

She decided not to do anything. She merely lowered her head and said nothing.

"Beauty, this is a tip for you. Remember to send wine to Room 204 later. When you come, I'll give you another tip."

Wanda turned and ran away from him quickly.

The man stared at her receding figure, noting her slender waist and beautifully-shaped legs outside the short skirt. He was aroused at the sight. It seemed like he could get something new tonight.

When the man was no longer in sight, Wanda took the money out of her pocket. She counted a total of three thousand dollars. She didn't expect the man to be so generous. Wanda smiled bitterly at the money. She could easily earn three thousand dollars if she set her pride aside, and there was a possibility of another tip. In less than ten minutes, she could earn more than a month's salary. Sure enough, her pride would get her nowhere.

Wanda walked over to the bar counter to ask for another bottle of wine. She told the bar attendant the room number. When her colleague heard that it was for Room 204, he looked around the bar with a worried look and said to her in a low voice, "That man is a famous pervert. He's fat and disgusting. All he does is rely on his wealth. Every time he comes here, he asks a lot of girls to go in and keep him company. Come out as soon as you send the wine to him. Don't stay there for too long."

Wanda's heart warmed at his warning and concern. She hadn't felt cared for in a long time. She smiled and nodded gently before walking towards Room 204 with the wine in her hands.

As soon as she opened the door, she felt the fat man's filthy eyes travel all over her body. "Little beauty, come here and pour me some wine. The money here is for you."

"Mr. Zhong! That's so unfair! We've been with you for so long, but you've never given us such a tip!" one of the women in the room teased.

He ignored her voice. "You're nothing compared to her. Look how pure she is."

Under the cold gaze of the women in the room, Wanda walked over to the man and opened the bottle for him. When she was about to pour the wine for him, the man's fat hand suddenly landed on her leg.

Wanda froze and looked at him nervously. Then the fat man pulled out another wad of cash and placed it on the table. "As long as you make me happy tonight, all this money is yours." The fat on his face shook as he spoke. Because of his arousal, his face and neck were damp with sweat.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm only here to deliver your wine."

"So what? Everyone can be bought here. I can afford it. Just tell me how much."

Wanda tried her best to reign in her anger, and she was eager to leave the room as soon as possible. She quickly poured the wine for him. When she stood up to leave, the man roughly pulled her back down.

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