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   Chapter 3 Sell Her To Me

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All of a sudden, Ryan tried to pounce on him. Quincy frowned at the man. He waved his hand and the man in black pulled Ryan back.

Ryan was even more fearful. Tears streamed down his face as he lowered his head, as if he had just accepted his fate.

"Mr. Qin! Please!"

he begged.

Glancing at him, Quincy smirked and shook his head. "Don't worry. It's useless for me to take your life."

As he said this, he turned to Wanda.

Wanda froze. Although she didn't know what the man was going to say, she knew that it wouldn't be a good thing. Her heart sank dreadfully.

"You may not be able to pay me back, but your niece can. Sell her to me to pay off your debt."

As soon as he heard his words, Ryan stopped in an instant. He widened his eyes and stared up at Quincy, wondering why he had given such a condition.

Judging by the look on Quincy's face, he knew that the man wasn't joking.

Wanda felt even more nervous as she glanced at her uncle.

'What the hell is he trying to do?'

What scared her the most was the glimmer of hope that passed in her uncle's eyes. She shook her head rapidly. "No, Uncle, please..."

"I haven't finished up yet." Quincy's eyes glinted. "Work for me to repay your uncle's debt. Would you rather I take his own life? It's up to you," he stated.

Wanda froze.

The underlying threat was clear. If she refused, then her uncle would die right in front of her.

She took a deep breath and stared at the man in front of her.

"Work? And what kind of job can I work for that would earn five million dollars? All you want is to ruin my life," she snapped.

It would be as if she just sold herself to the devil.

In fact, he might be even worse than the devil himself. Seeing the sneer on Wanda's face, Quincy's lips twitched. She was definitely an interesting woman.

"It's not a big deal. 5 million is nothing to me. If you want to work for me carefully, maybe I'll hand you that 5 million in a day,"

he added casually.

That was true. 5 million was nothing to those men.

Wanda fell into silence.

Quincy lit a cigarette and exhaled a smoke ring. The smoke filled the air, shading his handsome face.

She was now in a daze.

Ryan, who had been listening to their entire conversation, jumped into action.

"Help me, Wanda, please. I can't stand this anymore,"

he begged.

Hearing his words, she closed her eyes and dug her nails into her palms.

She hated this...hated the fact that she was left in a tight spot.

Wanda didn't know what else to say.

For all these years, the reason why she had been so hard on herself was to repay her uncle for giving her a home. She wanted to pay him back for his kindness.

She worked so hard to save money to cure him.

But in the end, he had gambled all the money away.

It seemed that her uncle would never get over his ow

n addiction even if she tried to help him.

Wanda finally saw through his act.

Without even asking what work she was about to partake in, Ryan had already asked her to agree to the deal. Money was the only thing on his mind.

Wanda gritted her teeth

and raised her head.

"I won't agree to sell my body,"

she stated coldly.

Quincy smiled.

"As you said, we live in a society ruled by law. I won't force you into such shady businesses."

He paused and continued,

"It's serious work."

Even then, she was still hesitant.

After all, Quincy was a cunning man. Who knew if he would play a trick on her after she agreed to his condition.

Seeing her hesitance, he put up a hand and started to count down.

"I'll give you three seconds to think about it. Three...Two..."


Wanda clenched her jaw. Now, she had no other choice but to tell him,

"I'll do it."

Ryan, who had been waiting for her answer anxiously, suddenly became weak after hearing his niece's acceptance.

"Thank God! Thank God!"

He had been thinking about himself this entire time. In fact, he never once thought of what would happen to Wanda once she was taken away by the man.

After Quincy got the result he wanted, he stubbed out the cigarette in his fingers and nodded with satisfaction.

He stood up.

It was only then did she notice how tall he was.

If they hadn't known each other in such a situation, Wanda might have been tempted to swoon after him.

But now, she felt nothing but hatred for him.

Lowering his eyes to look at Wanda, Quincy said softly,

"Let's go."

Wanda blinked in surprise.

"Right now?"

Quincy was already walking towards the door. He stopped.

"You're mine now. I'll wait for you outside."

"I see."

She didn't even bother to fight against him.

She wiped her tears and ran back to her room to pack up.

After what had happened, Wanda couldn't even look at her uncle.

The only reason why she promised to work for Quincy was so that she could pay Ryan back for raising her up back then. Otherwise, she would've already left.

After packing, she walked out of her room.

She glanced at her uncle who was still on the floor.

He didn't even say anything. In fact, he couldn't even look at her in the eye.

Wanda glanced at her passbook and smiled bitterly.

"I don't care whether you keep the passbook for your surgery or your gambling.

Either way, this is the last time I'll help you,"

she said sullenly.

After saying that, Wanda left the house which she had lived in for so many years without looking back.

She'd be lying if she said that she didn't want to leave.

Wanda held back her tears and walked out the door.

Ryan didn't even bother to look at his niece. Instead, he held the passbook tightly in his arms as if he was holding onto his own life.

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