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   Chapter 2 Astronomical Figures

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Ryan Li was trembling under Wanda's gaze.

Seeing that she still didn't get the answer she wanted, the man burst into laughter.

"If you don't want to answer her question, then I can help you."

His words made her blood boil. No matter how good-looking he was, she was still tempted to smash her fist against his face.

She gritted her teeth.

"Your uncle owes me a total of 5 million."

Hearing the number, Wanda almost fell to the floor.

5 million?

For ordinary people like her, 5 million was a huge amount. In fact, even if she did work 24/7, it would be impossible for her to earn that much.

"What the hell did you do?"

she asked Ryan, trembling.

She knew that her uncle was addicted to gambling in the past, but he had restrained himself a lot due to his sickness. There were times when he would work to support them.

How the hell did he owe that much?


Wanda demanded again, flushing in anger.

"I thought I could win, and that–and that our lives wouldn't be so hard anymore,"

Ryan stuttered out, refusing to look any of them in the eye.

Hearing his confession, her heart sank.


Her hands shook.

Why would he do this to her?

Wasn't her help good enough?

She worked three part-time jobs every day just to pay their rent, save for medical fees, as well as pay for their other necessities.

Not only was that money all gambled away by her uncle, but he also had the audacity to borrow money from the black market. Otherwise, the debt wouldn't be that huge!

Wanda trembled in anger.

Ryan's surgery would cost her 500 thousand. That was also the figure in her passbook, and it was far from the 5 million that they needed to pay.

What was more was, if she paid off the debt, then she wouldn't have money for Ryan's surgery.

Her hard work was all in vain.

Now, all of her plans were ruined.

Wanda raised her head and glared at the man in front of them.

Although he had seen their miserable situation, Quincy Qin still had a smile on his face, as if mocking them for their ignorance.

Her heart thumped in anger.

If it weren't for these types of men who indulged people's greed, then Ryan wouldn't have gambled all their money away! They were making them slaves for money that wasn't even theirs in the first place!

As if knowing what was on her mind, Quincy Qin asked,

"Do you really think it's our fault?"

"Isn't it? Don't you make money by doing this? Isn't that how you get to afford the car?"

she spat out.

Wanda hated how they could use people like that.

If they hadn't taken advantage of gamblers, then they wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place.

Hearing her roar, Quincy Qin didn't get angry. Instead, he burst out into another round of laughter.

"So you're blaming me?"

he asked.


Quincy Qin straightened his back and gazed at the woman in front of him.

"You're right. I do make money by doing this, but if it wasn't for your uncle's addiction to gambling, I wouldn't even have the chance of tempting him,"

he stated.

She hated how reasonable his words were

and how she was stunned to silence.

What he said was right. If it wasn't for Ryan gambling their money away, then they wouldn't have ended up like this.

The more Wanda thought about it, the more desperate she became.

The bright life that she'd been hoping for was already going down the drain.

"Can you give me a few more days?"

she said hoarsely.

"I've already given your uncle a month. He said the same thing to me a month ago,"

Quincy's gaze fell on Ryan.

To be honest, he appreciated Wanda's honesty and piety. It was only a pity that she had an uncle who was hell-bent on destroying both of their lives.

Before she could say something else, Quincy added,

"Do you know that during last month, Ryan not only didn't want to pay the money back but he also sold your mother's gold just so he could continue gambling?"

He stared, as if waiting for her reaction.

It would be a lie if she didn't hate Ryan's guts now.

Wanda tried her best to restrain herself at the man's words.

The gold that Quincy mentioned was her mother's legacy. Ryan knew that it was the most precious thing for her. Even if they were poor, she wouldn't dare sell it away.

How could he!

If he hadn't been sick, she would've slapped him on the face.

The smile on Quincy's face faltered as he leaned back.

"Are you playing some kind of trick to stall the time? I've lost my patience. Are you going to die or are you going to pay me back?"

Although Wanda wanted nothing more to do with her uncle, he was still the one who had taken her home when her other relatives didn't want to.

She took a deep breath.

"Please give me a few more days."

She would try her best to pay it all off.

However, Quincy shook his head.


Her heart sank in an instant.

She feared for the worse.

People like them could do anything they set their minds to. Even if Wanda called the police, it would already be too late.

Sweat beaded down her forehead.

"What do you want us to do?"

Quincy gazed at her for a long time.

Wanda's appearance definitely suited his taste. And although her personality was strong, he believed that he could tame her.

He licked his lips.

It would be interesting.

He then glanced at Ryan.

"I'm not the man you want to owe money to," he started, his eyes flashing. Ryan bowed his head.

"Please don't kill me, Mr. Qin. Wanda, help me ask him for mercy," he cried desperately.

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