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   Chapter 0 Present Day

Forbidden Love: Falling for My Boyfriend's Brother By Lady Briar Rose Characters: 8124

Updated: 2020-05-04 14:03

"Did he fucking kissed you?" Ago growled in my ear as he flung me at the back seat of his car. His eyes were dilated and my breathing were turning into gasps as he roughly kissed me on the lips and began unbuttoning my shirt. "Answer me Madi." He said growing angrier.

I shook my head as I tried to work my voice to form a coherent word. But I couldn't. His green eyes that were dark with desire was turning me on. And I shouldn't be, but I was. I was so sunk and in love with him that I am willing to do everything he told me to.

Wrapping his hands on my waist, he ripped my jeans off leaving me in my lace bra and underwear. His nostrils flared and the heat in his eyes intensified.

Caging me in his arms, he leaned down and roughly bit and suck on my lips. His tongue dominating me that I find myself hazy and drunk with desire.

"These lips are mine, Madi." He angrily growled "Mine."

I could only nod as words lodged in my throat. My breathing was ragged. My lips bruised. And my pussy wet with desire. I shouldn't be turned on by his possessiveness. I should run away and never look back. He was wrong for me. And what we have was a sin. But I couldn't. I want him. I crave for him.

Holding both of my thighs, he shoved them open and bared my pink glistening lips for his eyes. "Fuck, your so pretty." he groaned.

He ran his finger at my slit and up to my clit. I wanted to cry out but knew he wouldn't like it. Ago liked being in control. Its one of the things I liked about him.

He was serious and controlled. Unlike Aris, his twin brother and my boyfriend, was cool and carefree.

Leaning down towards my wet core, my breathing hitches as he took a wiff of my scent and closed his eyes. The deep rumble in his voice was music to my ears. Gripping the cushions of the seat on my hand, my lips parted when he pinned me with his dark green eyes and licked me.

"Ago!" I cried out, buckling underneath him as my legs gave out.

"You always fucking taste so sweet, Madi." He whispered, lapping on my core like it was his last meal. He inserted two fingers and I gasped as he suck on my clit. "You like that don't you? You like that my sweet naughty girl."

"I shouldn't be touching you Madi." he whispered as he pumped his fingers in me while working his tongue on my clit "You're not mine to touch. You're my brother's. But god damn it, if I let him touch you. You're sweet pussy is mine!"

His eyes flashed with that look that could only mean he was giving in to the desire. Ago was barely uncontrollable and impulsive. But right now, he was throwing it all in the drain.

Inserting three fingers on my core, I whimpered as he leaned and kissed my pebbled nipples "That's right. There's my naughty girl. She shouldn't let me worship her. But she always wraps her legs around me and teases me with her big baby blue eyes."

"Ago, please." I mewled tears in my eyes as I couldn't stopped myself from wanting release. I want him inside me, filling me. There's no greater pleasure than our joined bodies.

I rocked my hips back and forth as his fingers pumped in my core.

He sat back and tilted his head. He looked at me through his hooded eyes that were framed with long black lashes. His eyes were the color of a gemstone as it glittered deviously under the light.

Discarding his expensive shirt, I wetted my lips as I watched him unbuckle his belt and removed his pants.

"You want my dick in your hot wet pussy?" He asked me in his husky voice. God what he could do with his voice. Pulling down his boxer briefs, I closed my legs and leaned infront of his hard cock. Holding it in his hand, he guided my lips on his head "Then start sucking."

I should be ashamed or embarassed for being controlled and used like this. But I liked it. I loved it. When you have a man as beautiful as Ago, you would do anything.

I loved how naughty he gets when he commands me. I love he orders me and dominates me in the room. I was his, just as he is mine.

He's always attuned with my feelings and my emotions. He nev

er abuses me nor does he pushes me beyond my limit. He only gives and takes based on what I can offer. And I always wanted to give him more. I wanted to be the everything he wanted me to be because it gives me pleasure and satisfaction to watch the look in his face as he gives in from his baser needs.

Cupping the base of his cock with my hand, I pumped his cock as I sucked him with vigor. My head bobbed back and forth as I lick and suck him dry.

He groaned out loud as he tipped his head back "Ahh fuck. Love that fucking mouth. So plump and pink. Damn."

His hands grabbed the back of my head and my hands held on to his thighs as he pumped his cock in me as I swirled my tongue on his length.

"I'm not a damn lollipop baby." He growled as he pushed himself, gagging me "Now suck."

I grinned at his impatience. "Devious little vixen."

Wetting my lips, I took a deep breathe and suck him, letting him gag in as I suck him from tip to legth, making him groan in lust.

"Fuck I love your mouth." He growled thrusting his hips "Such a sweet and perfect mouth. It aint fair its attached to a sweet pussy and a sexy woman."

His words were music to my ears. It was intoxicating to have Agosto Luis Esquivel looked at you like you're a damn goddess. It was heady and intoxicating. My body craved for more. I needed more.

Sensing my desire, he pulled my head up and turned me around. I stick my ass out like how he loved it and the slap on my cheek was instant.

"Fuck, you've been a naughty girl." He growled slapping both cheeks as desire pooled in my core "Always fucking teasing me with your tight ass shaking. Made me think how creamy and smooth it is as it bounces on my dick."

He slapped my ass some more. Alternating between slapping and caressing until it was pink with his handprints.

"Fuck your dripping, baby." He growled as he slid a finger in me. I glanced at him from my haze filled eyes and my wetness doubled when I saw him taste his wet finger. "So sweet. You make me crazy, baby."

Grabbing my waist, he pulled me back and entered me. I cried out as my walls tightened and stretched as it accommodated his hard and long length.

I barely had time to breathe again when he pulled back and slammed inside me. I groaned as his hips brushed with my sensitive clit. Pain and pleasure mixed as he began to mercilessly pound inside me.

"Ago." I moaned, clutching the seat as shocks wrapped my core. If it wasn't for his hands I would probably sink down on the seat.

"That's right, Madi. Tell me who's fucking you." He growled, slapping my ass as pleasure rocked in me.

"Ago." I groaned as he leaned and kissed my back. He reached between us and my pussy tightened as he began playing with my clit.

"This is wrong. We should stop, but the thought of him fucking you makes me want to punch him." he growled, as he wrapped my long black hair in his hand and pulled it backwards. My breasts arched on display as his other hand tightened on my hips.

My breathing grew into gasps as he a began to fuck me, long, hard and deep. With every moan of his name, he grew bigger and harder. With every gasps coming out of my mouth, his hand tightened on my hips. And with every squeeze of my pussy around his dick, he fucked me harder.

Ago and I's relationship was forbidden. For years, I thought Aris was the man who saved me from drowning when I was little. I thought Aris was the man whom I kissed and gave my virginity to. It was too late when I realized it was Ago all along. Him posing as Aris when dating me and him sleeping in my bed when Aris was out of town.

I should let Aris go, but everyone favors Aris over Ago. Even Ago believes I should be with Aris.

What was the use of this forbidden love of mine when the love I feel wasn't reciprocated?

So, I let him own me, use me and desire me. I let him do things that I should be ashamed of. Because I wanted to have a little piece of him, a memory, before this ends.

He was my forbidden love and this is our story.

Published 05.04.2020

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