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   Chapter 299 th Ray's Confession

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Nora had been waiting outside worriedly. She took Orange's hand and asked, "Orange, do you really like my brother?"

Orange was stunned, but her uneasiness was not exposed. She grinned and said, "Who doesn't like a man like Ray? He is my prince charming! But it's better to look at him from a distance. I can't catch up with him in a relationship, right? "

Nora was relieved and joked, "It's okay if you really like my brother. You should be more confident and brave, what if you catch up with him?"

Orange chased after her for a long time.

It was not that she didn't want to pursue him, nor that she didn't want to confess her love to him. It was just that there seemed to be a tug in her heart to prevent Orange from confessing.

With the help of Ray and Nora, Orange passed the middle school examination smoothly and attended Ray's high school.

Although Ray was in the third year of senior high school, he still took time out to tutor Nora and Orange every day. For this, Nora once lost her temper with him and said that the third

s hand to drink.

As Ray pulled out his hand, the affection of Orange was hurt too. Her heart sank at one point one.

After that, Orange and Ray seemed to have maintained a certain tacit understanding. They were as sweet as before in front of Nora. After Nora left, they didn't contact, nor did they have more dates and intimacy.

This kind of relationship lasted until Ray graduated and went to a foreign university arranged by Charles. The two of them broke up peacefully.

Orange was neither angry nor sad, and even wore a smile when breaking up. She wished Ray a bright future and get what he wanted.

Ray lowered his eyes and thanked her. Then he boarded the plane and went abroad.

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