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   Chapter 295 Orange Got Dressed Up

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3669

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:03

"Maybe it's uncle who asks him to come back..." Nora said, lost in thought. "The Cheng Group has suffered a great loss some time ago. Since my uncle is not in good health recently, he might have asked Ray to come back and help with the company. "

Orange nodded and said, "I see." As she spoke, she looked relieved. But Nora didn't notice that there was a hint of disappointment in Orange's eyes.

Pursing her lips, Nora smiled and said, "You said you didn't care! But I don't believe you! Look at you. You are lying, aren't you? Let's go. I'll take you to my cousin today! "

Then she grabbed Orange's right hand and took her out of the shop. Then she closed the door and was about to walk forward.

In consideration of Nora's condition since she was pregnant, Orange didn't resist. As a result, she came out of the shop with Nora without her knowing it! She stamped her feet and said irritably, "Nora, I don't want to see Ray now!"

"Why? You want to see him some other time? " Nora felt so strange that she thought she suddenly couldn't understand Orange.

Orange turned her face away a

a little speechless. "Why do you insist on going to see your old lover with me? Just to make me watch the rekindling of your relationship? "

Orange's eyes twinkled. She smiled dryly and said,

"Well, it's not that you haven't been out with us before. It's you who covered for us when we had a date, remember? Besides, even if it is my old lover whom I'm going to meet, he is your cousin. He has taken care of us since childhood, and helped me and you through our final year in high school. Don't you think it's time to go and catch up with each other? We two have broken up. How embarrassing it would be if we still meet each other without you... Right, Nora? You are my good friend. You can't just stand by and do nothing! "

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