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   Chapter 293 Mary's Waiting

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When she was about to reach Mary's ward, Nora quickly wiped her eyes, took out a small mirror from her bag and looked at herself. Except for her slightly red eyes, there wasn't much to indicate that she had just cried. Only then did she feel relieved. After calming down, she opened the door with a faint smile.

Fortunately, Mary looked very energetic. When she turned back to look at Nora, her face even turned a little rosy, as if she was about to recover. Seeing this, Nora could not help but put her worries behind. It seemed that the medicine used by the doctor had worked. Maybe not long after, Mary could be discharged from the hospital.

Though she had been thinking about Mary's condition, she didn't stop walking to her. When she walked to the side of Mary, she put down the cherries, and then reached out to take away the flowers by the bedside and changed a new bunch into the vase. After that, Nora held her hand naturally and called her "mother" in a sweet voice.

Mary responded, and then she looked out of the window. Nora followed her gaze. Outside the ward, a peach tree was blooming beautifully. The pink petals were as beautiful as the colorful spring, which added color to this season.

Suddenly, Mary spoke in a very light voice,

"Can you

her's condition. Did she have any adverse reaction after taking the medicine? When can the operation begin? And what about the success rate of the operation? "

The doctor thought for a while, took off the thick glasses on his face and said, "Miss Nora, you don't need to worry too much. At present, it seems that your mother has well adapted to this medicine. After taking the medicine for a few months, her condition has been controlled well. We still need to observe her for a period of time. If there is no new condition, we can do the operation for her. As for the success rate of the operation, it is still too early to say now. Don't worry, Miss Nora. We will inform you as soon as possible if anything happens. "

It was not until then that Nora let out a sigh of relief. The uneasiness in her heart seemed to have dissipated a lot.

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