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   Chapter 152 Pity You

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3206

Updated: 2020-07-14 00:12

After returning to the cake shop to work, Nora had been nagging by Orange. It was not until the busiest time in the shop had passed that Orange was willing to let her go.

In order to make Nora atone for her mistake, she went out for a walk and left the shop to Nora.

Nora rested on the counter and fiddled with her hands.

But her sight was attracted by the box next to her. She didn't even have the courage to open it.

Who exactly sent the rest of the earrings and cards? She had wanted to find an opportunity to ask Sawyer about it.

But last night, Sawyer seemed to have changed into another person, and she didn't find a chance to ask him. Now, as soon as she returned to the shop, she began to feel complicated.

She couldn't figure out what was going on.

When she reached out her hand to open it, the door opened.

Out of habit, Nora said to the person who came in, "Welcome to our shop. Today's new products..." When she raised her hea


She had never seen Samantha so disgusting in her life She must have taken the wrong medicine today.

"Samantha, the mental hospital is not here. If you want to go crazy, please go somewhere else." Nora couldn't stand the woman's sarcasm.

However, Samantha got angry. "Nora, do you think you still have the confidence to talk to me? Do you really want to rely on Sawyer to help you vent your anger?"

As she said, she couldn't help sneering at the thought of the scene at the shopping mall. "But I think your wishful thinking is wrong. In the end, you are just like your mother, who is just abandoned after being played!"

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