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   Chapter 124 Your Surname Is Xiao

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3026

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:12

Sawyer didn't know why Mary was confused about his name, "What's wrong?"

Mary still murmured to herself. At this moment, she couldn't help asking, "Your surname is Xiao?" She asked again.

Sawyer looked at Mary confusedly and asked warily, "Is there anything wrong?"

Mary suddenly became a little excited, "I... I just remember some old memories. Kid, tell me, did you grow up..."

"I grew up in England and recently came back." Sawyer interrupted her.

Sawyer began to be on the alert. This time when he came back to China, no one should suspect him again.

It had been so many years since the thing happened. Besides, all the people in the world thought that the Xiao family had died. No one would doubt him.

However, from the look of Mary

Sawyer was unable to make sure, he had no choice but to stand up vigilantly and keep a certain distance from Mary.

Seeing Sawyer, Mary laughed

llowed him and saw that Sawyer's face seemed to be worse than before.

"Mr. Sawyer, now What should I do? " Andy was really helpless.

If she couldn't find Nora in the hospital, where should she go?

However, when Sawyer was walking, he suddenly stopped. Looking at the familiar figure downstairs, he said, "Don't worry. She has nowhere to go."

Andy followed the direction of Sawyer's gaze and saw Nora walking towards the ward on food in her hand.

When she turned around, she happened to see Sawyer standing there. At that moment, she was stunned.

My God?

Why did she meet him here?

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