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   Chapter 123 Is She Still In Love

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3658

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

When Sawyer arrived at the hospital, he still couldn't find Nora.

However, the moment he saw Mary, Sawyer suddenly calmed down.

Mary was a very gentle woman. Judging from the outline of her face, she must have been a very charming woman in the past. However, she must have had a bad time these years, coupled with the suffering of illness, and her charm had been greatly reduced.

However, she could vaguely see the mark of Nora on her face.

"It's you?" Mary smiled when she saw someone open the door.

Mary had seen this man once. Last time, although Nora seemed to hide something, from Mary's experience, this man was different to her.

Sawyer nodded and didn't know how to face it.

He turned around and asked Andy to go out, then he walked into the ward himself. "How's it going? Are you used to living here?"

Last time, he had asked someone to move here. The treatment and daily life were much better than below.

Mary smiled shyly, "in fact, I know it's your arrangement. Nora has tried her best." She said with some sigh and emotion.

As she spoke, she reached out h

im back then. But after so many years, I think she knows that she needs to let go!"

Hearing this, Sawyer felt as if his heart was cut by a knife. He smiled weakly and said, "since she knows she needs to let go, why does she still do this?"

She was still worried about it. Otherwise, why did she still keep that pair of earrings by her side?

Mary didn't want to talk about this topic in front of Sawyer, so she changed to another topic, "by the way, we have talked for a long time, but I don't know your name."

"My name is Sawyer Xiao." He said.

However, after hearing his answer, Mary frowned as if she had thought of something, "Sawyer?"

As far as she could remember Was it also the name of a child back then?

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