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   Chapter 121 An Overbearing Man

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3156

Updated: 2020-06-29 00:02

After Sawyer went downstairs, he went straight to the garage and planned to drive by himself.

Andy thought he couldn't let him do that.

If something bad happened to him later when he was driving on the road, it would be more than dangerous.

Immediately, Andy ran over and said, "Mr. Sawyer, let me drive for you!"

After saying that, he opened the door of the driver's seat and got into the car, ignoring whether Sawyer agreed or not. He said, "don't worry. I will drive steadily and won't make any mistake."

Without saying anything more, Sawyer sat on the back seat.

In this way, the car drove out of the manor.

There was a faint pain on his chest. Everything that had happened after getting drunk last night was gradually clear.

There was still a fire in his heart. He really didn't expect that at this point, she would still lie to him like this. Was it worth it for her to treat him like this for James?

But what he d

hat he could burn down the whole Jiangdu city. He didn't dare to irritate him again for a mobile phone.

He had no choice but to shut up and continue driving his car.

Obviously, Sawyer was pissed off. 'How dare she hang up my phone?' he thought.

He said to Andy coldly, "go to her home to find her. If you can't find her, go to her cake shop!"

He didn't believe that she could escape from him in Jiangdu?

When he caught her, she would know the consequences of angering him.

However, in the 'Alice' cake shop, Nora was also staring at her phone. She had just hung up on him.

Did she have to hurry up and run?

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