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   Chapter 120 Who Allowed Her To Leave

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3400

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:12

The sunshine outside the window was very strong. Even if the curtain of the room was drawn, one could still vaguely feel the light coming in from the outside.

This made it difficult for Sawyer to fall asleep.

Andy and the doctor had been working for the whole night. He didn't leave until the doctor announced that Mr. Sawyer's condition was stable.

In order to let Sawyer have a good rest, Andy went downstairs to prepare some light food as soon as possible. When Sawyer woke up, he could have a good meal.

Little by little, medicine flowed into his body through the needle, as if there was something that was haunting in an invisible way.

In his sleep, he seemed to become the child who had just lost his parents. His grandfather, who had been following him all the time, also became much older overnight.

They left their hometown, and everyone thought that the Xiao family had died.

It was not until they came back that night that they participated in the Cheng family's first invitation, on the

impulse to kill Nora. He stepped forward to stop him and said, "Mr. Sawyer, the doctor said that your old wound has a relapse and you should have a good rest these days. Please wait a little longer. She may come back tonight!"

Sawyer stopped and looked coldly at Andy who was standing in front of him to stop him.

This time, Andy was scared by the sight and dared not speak again.

"Prepare the car for me right now. I must find her out!" Sawyer said the sentence word by word with a sense of warning.

Otherwise, he would not be Sawyer!

After saying that, he pushed Andy away. Regardless of his own health, he picked up his clothes, changed them and walked out.

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