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   Chapter 118 Where Is That Bitch

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 7125

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Nora carefully poked her head out of the cabinet. When she was hesitating whether she should open the door or not, her phone had just fallen on the bed, ringing.

That shocked Nora again.

She had no choice but to get out of the wardrobe and answer the phone, "Hello..."

On the other side of the phone, it was Orange's careless voice. "Hey, Nora, are you sleeping to death? I've knocked on your door for a long time, but you didn't open it. Hurry up I know you are inside. Open the door for me! "

As soon as she finished her words, Orange hung up the phone immediately.

Hearing the sound of the phone hanging up. It was a little difficult for Nora to react. "So It's her!"

She patted her head, feeling that she was almost scared to death by Sawyer.

Then she walked out of the room and opened the door for Orange.

As soon as she opened the door, she heard Orange's voice, which was constantly torturing Nora. "Where have you been? I almost broke my hand. And what did you do last night strangely. Why are you looking for a new home without reason?

Nora didn't know how to answer Orange's question. She lowered her head with embarrassment and said, "Well, I..."

It seemed that something occurred to Nora. "Didn't you know the address of my new move? How did you find here?"

Orange spread out her hands and looked unrestrained. "I have no choice but to call your mother and she told me."

"Oh, I see," Nora breathed a sigh of relief and said in a low voice, "Fortunately, it's not him. I'm really afraid that he will come again."

However, Orange was not willing to listen to what Nora was talking about. He went straight inside and opened the door of the fridge, only to find that there was nothing in it.

As she closed the door of the fridge, she kept complaining, "Don't you have a handsome boyfriend? Why are you mad again? "

In Orange's eyes, it was the happiest thing to have a handsome and rich boyfriend in the world. She really couldn't understand what was on Nora's mind.

Nora had been listening to her complaints all the time. Looking at her best friend who had been with her since col

Cheng family, I Is it necessary to stay with him? "

She could only say that now, but she didn't know the details!

"He has a grudge against the Cheng family?" Orange, on the other hand, fell silent. After staying there for a long time, she pretended to be joking. "Humph!" Nora asked, "What revenge? Is he still the one who killed his father? "

"I won't talk to you anymore." Thinking that she couldn't communicate with Orange any more, Nora stood up and walked towards the room.

She left Orange alone in the living room.

Orange shrugged, as if he didn't believe it at all. "In this era, there is no hatred. You think too much."

In the manor.

The doctor stayed by his side the whole night. The broken glass on his chest was not a big deal, but his old wound was a big problem.

For so many years, it was impossible for him to recover at all. In addition, he was suffering from mental disease. As long as he got sick, it was very likely to endanger his life.

However, when Sawyer woke up, he asked, "Well Where is that bitch? "

Last night, she left without hesitation, leaving him alone. What about now?

Did she come back?

However, when he finished this sentence, he fainted again, which frightened Andy beside him. He ordered the doctor, "Hurry up, if anything happens to Mr. Sawyer, we will all be in trouble!"

However, in Sawyer's heart, at this moment, what he missed most was Nora

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