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   Chapter 117 He Didn't Come

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 6876

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Nora drove the car on the deserted road unskillfully. The pain on her lips and the tears in her eyes were mixed.

Some things of the past were now flashing through her mind.

At that time, James's younger brother, Eric, laid in her arms, covered in blood. It was the young man's first operation as an officer since he graduated from the police school...

However, just at that time, in order to save her, he was covered in blood lying in her arms and died!

"Please, please... don't make my brother sad... " This was the words left by the young man on his deathbed.

He took the bullet for her. It must hurt a lot at that time!

Compared with the pain on Nora's lips at this time, that pain was thousands or even tens of thousands of times more serious!

Tears kept falling down from her eyes. She sobbed, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." She kept saying these words, "Eric, it's really not me who killed you, but Why did James do that to me? Why did Sawyer do the same to me? "

He had to call James to make her feel worthless in front of him. Would he be happy?

The relationship between her and James had long been broken up. Over the years, she had never resented anyone, but at this moment She suddenly complained.

Why? Why did you die at that time?

She drove the car fast, and the street lights were more than enough to illuminate the road ahead.

There was an intersection ahead. Unexpectedly, in the direction of the light of the car, a car suddenly came over from that intersection.

"Ah!" Nora didn't expect that there would be a car passing by so late. She turned the steering wheel in her hand, hoping to escape from the car.

However, the car was still a little scratched.

Finally, Nora stopped the car. She leaned her upper body on the steering wheel and looked at the car in front of her in shock. The lights of the two cars were particularly dazzling.

Vaguely, she saw a man get out of the car. "Are you okay?" It was a man in a suit, handsome and elegant.

Nora was still in a state of shock, but when she saw no on


When she turned on the phone and saw nothing on the screen, she was relieved, but her heart was inexplicably empty.

"Fortunately, he didn't come!" Nora sighed.

She remembered that the last time he came here, she was frightened.

Just as she was thinking, there was a sudden knock on the door from outside. The sound was hasty, and Nora was so frightened that she couldn't hold the phone in her hand steadily and fell to the ground.

"Really? Is he coming after me?" She suddenly pulled a long face.

"No. I should pretend not to be at home and hide..." She didn't want to see Sawyer now. She couldn't forgive him after he punished her so cruelly last night.

Now, what was he going to do?

Thinking of this, she looked in the direction of the wardrobe and made the decision happily.

If she hid herself well and let him think that there was no one at home, then everything would be fine.

So, regardless of the continuous knocks on the door, Nora hid into the wardrobe.

However, the knock on the door seemed to be continuing, and it was getting more and more impatient.

Nora, who was in the wardrobe, begged the knocking to stop. Suddenly, she thought of something. "No, it seems that Andy opened the door and came in that day. He has a universal assistant by his side. Now..."

Why did he keep knocking at the door?

Was it not him?

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