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   Chapter 114 Dancing With Wolves.

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The pain from her lips made Nora shiver, but when she tried to push Sawyer away, her hands were tightly clasped behind her by him and she couldn't move at all.

In this way, under the punishment of biting, he gradually kissed her deeply, with the smell of tobacco. This feeling and smell of Sawyer, made her feel very strange.

"Let me go..." She felt his biting and strength. When she couldn't stand it anymore, she pushed Sawyer away with all her strength.

Sawyer wiped his lips with the back of his hand. There was her smell.

"Sure enough, I'm so disgusting to you. No matter how well I treated you, it's all in vain." Sawyer roared.

He turned around and took out a bottle of XO from the wine cabinet. He unscrewed the cap and poured the whole bottle into his mouth.

Seeing him drinking like this, it was no different from alcoholism. Nora didn't dare to go forward. She knew that he was furious at this time.

She could only shout at him, "Do you want to drink to death?"

As she spoke, she covered her mouth with her hand. There was a burning pain on it. Why was this man so tough and domineering that she didn't even have a chance to explain to him.

"I did lie to you about the earrings. I I don't want it either! " She didn't understand why the earrings were in Sawyer's hands now.

"Do you think I'm a fool?" After swallowing the wine in one gulp, Sawyer felt a sharp pain in his throat. "Just treat me as a fool. You treated James How affectionate! "

His last sentence was so ironic that even Sawyer felt that his life was in vain for so many years.

He must be crazy to forge their love token for her!

Completely crazy!

"I..." Nora didn't know what to say, but her heart was very complicated at this moment.

After a long silence, she said, "Sawyer, I know you are angry, but I really don't want to get him anymore. He has been engaged to Samantha, and there is really nothing..."

"They are going to cancel the engagement. You have a crush on them again.

le. That's right."

After saying that, he tied her hands with the belt and pulled her hands. She couldn't even move her hands at last.

He approached her ear and said in an extremely evil and attractive voice, "You have already known that I have a grudge against your family. I shouldn't have been so good to you, otherwise It's too easy for you! "

Before Nora could say anything, he pushed her down to the sofa, with the information like a wild wolf all over her body.

And she was his prey at this moment. She even didn't have a chance to struggle.

"No, don't do this. After all, the Cheng family Why did they become your enemy?" She asked.

He leaned over, reached out his hand, pulled her dress and said to her, "Why did they become my enemy?" Of course it's a deep-rooted hatred! "

As he spoke, he put his whole body on top of her and possess without any pity.

All of a sudden, Nora felt a sharp pain in her heart

His punishment gradually became cruel. He kept whispering in her ear, "I want you to remember throughout your life, remember that the man who takes over you now is me, Sawyer not James..."

As the storm poured down, Nora only gritted her teeth tightly It seemed that she had returned to the feeling when she had just seen this man.

He was ruthless and furious!

Come back with hatred!

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