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   Chapter 112 Will You Lie To Me

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3169

Updated: 2020-06-24 00:12

She pushed the door open and found that Sawyer was indeed back. He stayed in the study alone and had been here since he came back from Cheng Group.

To Nora's surprise, there was smoke all over the room.

"When... When did you come back?" "I've been waiting for you in the cake shop for a long time. I'm starving. I called you, but no one answered." Nora pushed the door open and walked in.

However, Sawyer still sat there with his collar half open, looking very dispirited. He just sat in front of the desk and looked at Nora coldly.

Seeing her approaching him step by step, his heart was still cold.

Nora walked close to Sawyer and felt a little worried when she saw him like this. She reached out her hand and touched his forehead. "Why do you smoke so much? Do you feel uncomfortable? "

However, as soon as her hand touched his forehead, Sawyer shook it off.

He turned her head, took the last puff of the cigarette in his hand a


She walked to the window and said nothing. Looking at the night view outside the French window, and laughed sarcastically.

Then he sat down on the sofa, completely ignoring Nora.

All he was thinking about was what he had heard in the Cheng Group today.

Nora, Nora, do you really think that I'm so childish and ridiculous?

Until now, why did she still lie so frankly?

He felt a sharp pain in his heart. Even he himself was surprised when this woman had taken up a place in his heart.

How could she make him feel so heartbroken.

He clenched his teeth to prevent the feeling of heartache from spreading.

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