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   Chapter 108 I Want To Spend More Time With You

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3464

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All of a sudden, Nora didn't know how to face this man. He acted as if he had just been wronged. When he went out, he said to her, "since you have served me well last night, I asked Andy to cook for you. Come down after tidying up!"

"Shame on you. Why are you so kind today? " Nora raised her eyebrows.

When she stood up, the quilt on her body slipped down. Looking at the marks on her body, she recalled what happened last night.

His tenderness made her blush again.

The water from the shower head washed over his body, and he also blushed at the marks on his body.

After cursing herself for being shameless, she changed her clothes and went downstairs after tidying up. It was rare that she didn't need to cook today, so she just sit down and ate.

Sawyer had been waiting there for a long time. He read the newspaper while eating.

Nora sat down opposite him. When Andy served her the breakfast, she almost swallowed her tongue when she took the first bite.

"Oh my God! Andy, you are such a good cook!" It was the

The Cheng group was very dignified today. It could be seen that Jay attached great importance to the contract.

When Sawyer's car stopped at the gate of the company, Jay was actually waiting for him there in person.

After being led into the company by Jay, Sawyer walked towards the private elevator and saw a man walking towards him. It was James.

Why is he here?

Seeing that James was here, Jay explained to Sawyer, "didn't you cancel the cooperation with the Zhan family? The Zhan family can only place their loyalty on the Cheng Group now... "

Sawyer chuckled.

At the same time, James came over, stood there and looked at Sawyer.

"What a coincidence!" said Sawyer.

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