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   Chapter 66 Be My Date

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3317

Updated: 2020-06-01 00:12

While eating the food Andy brought to her, Nora felt strange and uncomfortable.

Andy was still chattering, but Nora was not in the mood to listen to him. Instead, she had been thinking about Sawyer.

Sometimes, he was really annoying and his words were annoying as well, but she couldn't beat him.

But sometimes, he was also very considerate, just like now!

After finishing her meal, Nora looked up at Andy and asked, "where is Sawyer? What is he doing now?"

While cleaning up the dining car, Andy said, "Mr. Sawyer has been personally deciding the plan of the Bay project recently. He has been busy in the study after dinner!"

"Bay project." Said Nora.

She had an impression of this project.

It seemed that his uncle was the one who had always wanted to cooperate with him.

However, when Nora heard that Sawyer wanted to destroy the Cheng family, and now he was going to cooperate with the Cheng family, she really didn't know what he was up to.

Thinking of this, s

a red invitation card on the desk. She asked curiously, "where is the invitation card?"

She said as she reached out her hand to take it.

However, when she opened it, her face froze.

It was an invitation to the engagement of Samantha and James. The Cheng family specially sent it to invite Sawyer to attend.

However, Sawyer still held her in his arms and rubbed his head against her neck. He liked the faint fragrance on her body very much.

He said, "the Cheng family sent it here. I plan to take you with me. You can be my date, okay?"

However, Nora had been stunned there, feeling a little sad. She asked, "I don't want to go. Is that OK?"

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