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   Chapter 43 In His Arms

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3020

Updated: 2020-05-23 00:41

Holding back her tears, Nora said, "but I have to go back to my cake shop, and my mother, " her tears were about to fall, and her hands were constantly stirring. "my mother is in the hospital, and I have to see her often. "

This time, Sawyer was stunned again. He did not expect that her request was like this.

After a long silence, Nora didn't know what he meant and looked up at him secretly.

Sawyer said, "I'll ask Andy to deal with it in the hospital. Don't worry. As for that cake shop..."

"What is it?" Nora muttered discontentedly.

However, his arrangement made Nora feel much relieved.

Ignoring her complaints, he continued, "if you like it, I can open a bigger cake shop for you. But you don't need to go there. You just need to collect the money every year. It's not a big deal."

This was the life of a rich man. He didn't need a reason to be willful.

But, Nora needs it!

ed when she was held tightly by him.

However, her eyes were fixed on the pair of earrings in her hands in front of her.

She cared about them so much, as if she was still in the past when she and James were still so young and close to each other, but Such a moment would never come back to her life.

Nora didn't know when she fell asleep again.

This time, she didn't dream of James anymore. Instead, she was surrounded by warmth. It was rare for her to have a good sleep.

On the second day, the sun shone through the gap of the curtain and shone on her eyes. She opened her eyes lazily.

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