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   Chapter 38 I'm Hungry

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Updated: 2020-05-22 00:03

Sawyer was a wolf!

This was Nora's only comment on him, but she couldn't do anything to this man.

He sat on the sofa, wiping his head and saying, "I'm hungry."

"Are you hungry again?" Nora was pissed off. "That's enough. I'm going to die because of you..." She didn't understand whether this man was made of iron.

However, Sawyer was stunned by her reaction.

It was not until then that he realized that he had said the same words when he was not satisfied just now.

However, seeing her so nervous, Sawyer also laughed and said, "I'm hungry this time." Then he stopped for a while and said wickedly, "But if you still want it, we can do it again. It's not too late to eat."

"Impossible." Nora was totally convinced by this man and was speechless about her misunderstanding this time.

you were busy. I'm going to cook now."

"No," Sawyer interrupted him and pointed at Nora, "She will be the kitchen expert from now on. She is responsible for my daily diet."

"Why?" "Andy can do it, can't he?"

"Because you still have to stay with me and take care of your man. Isn't it your responsibility?"

Andy giggled.

"Whose man?" Nora's voice was higher and higher.

"You!" But Greg was unusually serious. "Don't you remember what happened just now?"

It seems that he won't keep his promise until you admit it.

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