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   Chapter 37 He Is Sure To Win Her Heart!

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3113

Updated: 2020-05-21 00:36

In order to prove his ability, Sawyer had begun to prove it with actions.

He unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt and approached her bit by bit. "Coincidentally, I have just taken a shower. Why? I think you know it clearly, don't you? "

He looked sideways at her, which made her feel more oppressive. She could only be pulled back by him. "I... I don't know."

She would never admit what she had done in the cake shop. She didn't know why she couldn't escape from his eyes wherever she went?

However, it was in vain that no matter how hard she tried.

Behind her was the sofa. She didn't notice it at that moment and fell down to the sofa. And this made him look down at it.

In this way, she had no way to give in.

"I think I need to tell you something." Nora closed her eyes and thought for a while. "I'm just an ordinary illegitimate daughter. As you see today, no one believes what I said."

"Well, I know that,

tip of her nose.

The distance between the two was incomparably close.

He said, "I suddenly find that you are not so useless. At least you can make me happy." Then he reached out his hand and rubbed her nose.

"In that case, I'll keep a pet." He said.

"What... What do you mean?" Nora suddenly had a bad feeling. Did she make a fool of herself?

Before she could say anything, Sawyer leaned over, kissing her and pressing back what she wanted to say.

He pulled off her bath towel and threw it away.

The bath towel was thrown in the air and then fell on the ground.

He He was sure to win her heart.

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