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   Chapter 32 The Most Handsome Man.

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3092

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Nora didn't expect that they would come here at all. She couldn't react at once.

However, when she heard Andy say that Mr. Sawyer was angry, she realized that she stood him up on purpose.

Suddenly, she slammed the kitchen door and said to Andy, "Tell him I'm not here!"

It seemed that she was avoiding a god of plague. Andy suddenly became a little surprised. She stared at her blankly for a long time and felt a little helpless.

He picked up his phone and called Sawyer, who was still waiting in the car She said she is not here!

Andy didn't hear any response from Sawyer until he finished his words. He only heard the sound of Du.

Now, she was really going to die! Andy thought.

Expectedly, the next second, Sawyer pushed the door in person. "Ask that woman to come for me." He was furious.

The moment Sawyer came in, he brought the wind in and took off his sunglasses

Every line on the outline seem

und and looked around the kitchen step by step.

She walked to the cupboard where she squatted and hid. She couldn't hide anymore, so she could only smile.

She held the half kneaded dough in her hand and handed it to him with a flattering smile. "I... I Do you want it? "

Sawyer looked at her coldly. The flour on her face was so cute when it was applied on her little face.

At once he didn't seem to be so angry.

He looked at her playfully and sneered, "You want it? How? Do you want it in the kitchen? "

He asked three questions in a row. This extremely embarrassing topic was quite interesting.

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