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   Chapter 30 He Is Mine

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After she managed to get rid of her uncle, Nora wanted to pack up her things and go back to her apartment. She didn't want to have anything to do with the man named Sawyer anymore.

In the dim room, Nora pushed the door open, and a thick layer of dust rose. After she and her mother left, there was not even a cleaner.

She couldn't help feeling a little sad in her heart.

She took out a pair of silver earrings from a dust sealed box. She hadn't worn them since she took them off. This time She might come back to Cheng family less often in the future, so she had to take it back.

She put the ear drop in the pocket close to her heart, took a deep breath, and finally turned around and went out without hesitation.

She walked towards the back door. When she passed by the backyard garden, unexpectedly, Samantha had been waiting there for a long time.

She knew Nora.

As soon as she saw Nora, Samantha sneered, "you are really not presentable. You even have to walk out from the back door. You shouldn't be in the Cheng family at all."

Nora stopped and looked at her cousin warily. "Yes, I don't want to stay here anymore. It's disgusting to live with you!"

After saying that, Nora intended to leave by bypassing Samantha, but it seemed that she didn't intend to let her leave so easily. She deliberately blocked in front of her and asked, "do you want to leave so easily?"

"What else do you want?" Nora was also angry, "I haven't blamed you for the medicine you drugged me that night. Do

you want me to tell everyone about it?"

Samantha didn't expect that the illegitimate daughter would be so angry at her. "Do you have evidence? When did I drug you? If you dare to talk nonsense, James won't let you go first."

James was the most frustrated thing for Nora now.

Sure enough, when Nora heard what she said, Her face turned extremely bad.

The man who once loved her, who had promised to protect her all his life was now like this.

She couldn't help but rush up and grabbed Samantha's collar. "Don't be complacent. He will know everything one day..."

However, when she said this, her tears couldn't help falling. Who would believe her if she really said what had happened in the past?

Samantha shook off her hand confidently and declared, "he doesn't belong to you."

"He is mine!" After that, Nora's heart ached as if it had been torn apart.

Samantha sneered. What she wanted to see most was the painful look on Nora's face.

Now she saw, and she was very proud and satisfied.

Walking past Nora, Samantha stopped and said, "I just want to tell you that I don't want to see you on the engagement day. Don't think that you can do anything just because you hook up with someone like Sawyer."

She didn't care about Sawyer.

She just didn't want to see anyone annoying.

Looking at Samantha's receding figure, Nora felt that she was as arrogant as a peacock, while she could only live in the past.

If there hadn't been that accident, James would have belonged to her

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