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   Chapter 27 How Dare You Come Back

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3583

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Nora didn't know how to answer the Butler's question. She looked embarrassed and said, "Well..." She looked back at the other side of the car. The man got out of the car leisurely.

After getting out of the car, he glanced at them sideways and looked handsome. "Is there a problem?"

Hearing his question, the butler was speechless and didn't know what to say. He could only laugh awkwardly, "No problem, no problem."

However, the Butler couldn't help taking a few more glances at Nora.

In the past few days, the Cheng family had been dissatisfied with her, and now she came back with Sawyer. What should Warren do?

The Butler didn't dare to neglect Sawyer. He was the distinguished guest invited by Warren today. Butler walked in front of them and warmly led them into the Cheng family's house.

Nora was a little embarrassed. As soon as she came back to Cheng family, she became a transparent person without any attention. Fortunately, she had been used to this.

She was used to following them silently.

It was rare for the Cheng family to open the middle door for a distinguished guest. It could be seen that Jay attached great importance to Sawyer.

When entering the room, Nora didn't want to attract anyone's attention and quietly went back to her room. She had something to pack up.

However, when she was about to get out of the threshold, she stumbled and cried out, her body leaning down.

Sawyer grabbed her arm and asked, "where do you want to go?"

Her intention seemed to be discovered, and she felt guilty. "I, I, I want to go back. Aren't you here to talk about business? You go ahead. Leave me alone! "

But before she finished her words, Sawyer seemed not to hear her. He grabbed her wrist and continued to walk into the hall.

"Come on. It'

s not good to let others see us." Nora muttered in a low voice, and she was worried at the bottom of her heart.

She didn't want the Cheng family to misunderstand her relationship with Sawyer, although They had already had a relationship, but she didn't want to be tied up with him.

Not to mention Let James see.

Obviously, Sawyer also noticed her embarrassment. He tightened his grip on her hand and asked, "What? Do you feel ashamed to be with me?"

He was a little unhappy.

Looking at the strange behavior of the two people, the Butler seemed to be suspicious, but he could not believe it.

Nora was just an illegitimate daughter. How could Sawyer fall in love with her?

She took back her hand sulkily and pushed herself away, keeping a distance between herself and Sawyer.

She decided to tell the truth, "Let me tell you. I can only come back with my mother once a month. I This time I just wanted to pack up something with you. I…"

She didn't know what to say next.

After all, her family background was there. If she continued to talk about it, she would also feel uncomfortable.

Looking at her face, Sawyer knew that she was telling the truth, so he didn't force her. "Okay. Pack up your things and don't live here."

Anyway, he was going to take her away when he came back.

Nora didn't expect him to be so easy-going. "Really?"

"Am I kidding?" He answered, snorted, turned around and followed the housekeeper to sit on the sofa in the hall.

Nora was happy all of a sudden. She just wanted to pack up and go back to the small apartment she rented quietly.

Just as she was happy, Samantha's voice came from behind, with disdain and disgust, "I really didn't expect that an illegitimate daughter like you would have the face to come back?"

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