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   Chapter 26 I Should Take Good Care Of You

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3597

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Sawyer took off his sunglasses and walked to the back seat. He opened the door and didn't wait for her.

Andy trotted over and sat in the front. Obviously, he was the driver.

On the contrary, Nora was walking slowly all the way. She knew that they were going back to the Cheng family this time, and she didn't know how to face it. Moreover, she had to deal with Samantha, and she didn't know how!

Sawyer seemed to be impatient. When she walked slowly, he opened the door on the other side and leaned against it. "Hurry up."

He was a man of few words.

This comment suddenly came to Nora's mind. "Why are you so arrogant? You are just a little handsome." She muttered in a low voice, but she had to walk a little faster.

She got into the car and kept a distance from the man.

"Sit here." He opened his mouth, but still kept looking through the documents in his hands, but his voice sound irresistible

Andy drove steadily, but Nora pretended not to hear him. She deliberately turned her head to the window and looked outside.

Sawyer didn't feel her approach for a while. He raised his head from the document and saw her disdainful expression from the reflection of the glass.

Sawyer didn't say anything more, but moved towards where she was sitting.

In this way, the two people would be very close to each other.

"You... You are so shameless!" Nora wanted to keep a distance from him, but there was no way back.

She couldn't jump out of the car!

However, Sawyer just smiled and said, "If I am shameless, I will have sex with you here." He said and looked at her collar.

She might not realize that this thin shirt was very good at setting off the color of her inner bra. This kind of vagueness was easier to give people illusions.

Following his eyes, she

looked down and suddenly covered her hands on the collar of her clothes. "How dare you?" She raised her voice in an instant.

Obviously, the car stopped all of a sudden and then drove steadily.

Leo glanced at the front and said, "although the front and the back of the car are separated, but..." He whispered in her ear, "no sound insulation."

His voice was magnetic. His breath made Nora itchy

She had no choice but to shrink her neck and hide herself in the corner of the car door.

Seeing her like this, Sawyer was amused and said, "Don't worry. If I want to cooperate with your Cheng family, I have to take good care of you."

"Cooperate?" Nora was surprised and suddenly became alert. "Don't be hypocritical. Will you really want to cooperate with the Cheng family?" She didn't believe it at all.

Sawyer sneered, "let's wait and see."

Along the way, he did not do anything to her, but Nora still felt like a cat is scratching her heart. She decided to reveal his true face when she arrived at the Cheng family.

Although she was an illegitimate daughter, the Cheng family had treated her well these years.

Sawyer also looked at her. He seemed to understand what she was thinking, and a mysterious smile appeared on his lips.

When the car arrived at the Cheng family's house, it was rare to see the butler of Mr. Jay was waiting at the door in person. When he saw the car of Sawyer driving here from a distance, he finally smiled.

When the car stopped in front of him, the butler came forward to open the door. "Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Jay has been waiting for you for a long time..."

He said with a smile, but found that the person sitting beside the car door was Nora.

The butler's face changed, "Miss. Nora, why are you here?"

Why was she in Sawyer's car?

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