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   Chapter 25 I Can Get Up By Myself

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Nora wanted to hide for a few days, but Mr. Sawyer might not agree.

Andy also came here with the imperial edict. He seemed to have seen through Nora's mind early. Regardless of her will, he directly asked the servant to do it.

"Dress her up and make Mr. Sawyer satisfied." Then he bowed to Nora, turned around and closed the door.

Before Nora could digest his words, she saw the servants in front of her rushing over. The two of them lifted her off the bed one by one.

"What do you want to do? I I can walk by myself. Tell Mr. Sawyer, don't torture me like this! " She shouted, "I can get up by myself!"

However, after she was forced to wash her face and brush her teeth, she was forced to change her clothes. Nora couldn't take it anymore. At last, she had to rush out of the room.

Andy was waiting outside. Seeing that she was still in pajamas, he asked, "Miss, what can I do for you?" His smile was stiff.

Nora was so angry that she said, "can you not treat me as a disabled person? I can change my clothes myself."

Andy was a little embarrassed. "If I don't serve you well, Mr. Sawyer will be mad." Moreover, Mr. Sawyer had lost his temper more than once this morning. He didn't know if he didn't sleep well last night.

"I'll get mad too." Nora was so furious that she stared at Andy

Andy had no choice. He look at his watch. He was afraid that it would take up the time set by Mr. Sawyer, so he waved his hand and said, "then you all can leave now!"

Seeing the servants come out, Nora was satisfied. She turned around an

d went back to her room in anger, and the door was closed again.

The styles of the clothes prepared in the room were really changeable and dazzled. In the end, Nora picked up a simple pair of jeans and a simple shirt. It was cool and bright to wear, and then she tied a ponytail casually.

This was the real Nora.

When she opened the door again, she stood in front of Andy with a very simple look. His mouth was wide open.

"My lady, please don't make fun of me. Mr. Sawyer asked me to dress you up well." He was about to cry.

Nora didn't think it was inappropriate to do so. "That's what I usually wear. Besides, isn't he going back to Cheng family? Do I have to wear a dress to go home? "

Andy was rendered speechless.

Then she went to have breakfast casually. Andy kept a sad face because of her dress all the way.

Sawyer had breakfast while working in his study, so he couldn't eat with her.

When the time was up, Andy took her outside.

Last time she walked out of the manor by herself, she didn't know how big it was. This time, with Andy leading the way, she really realized that if she didn't have a car, she wouldn't be able to walk out for a year!

Sawyer had been waiting by the car for a while. He seemed to wear casual clothes as well, with a pair of sunglasses. He leaned against the car.

He saw her coming from a distance.

It was undeniable that her figure was tall, and this pair of clothes was obviously suitable for her. Compared with the first time graceful look She was also very charming this time.

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