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   Chapter 24 Kiss Her Tears

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His words were mixed with the smell of fire, which made Nora stunned and cool down suddenly

When she tried to get up and push him away, her hands were against his chest. She couldn't get rid of him. When he leaned over, she suddenly felt like a mountain was pressing down.

"What... What do you want to do?" Nora felt that she was almost out of breath. This man was too heavy. Besides, he seemed to be very angry now and didn't want to give her any chance to breathe.

"Did you cry?" His thumb stroked her cheek. The cold tear stains made him even more unhappy.

"It's none of your business." She turned her head away stubbornly. What happened in the past was still bothering her in her dream.

But even so, she didn't want to expose her scars to others.

In Sawyer's eyes, her stubbornness was totally different. He suddenly smiled wickedly angrily.

He bent down, the action made the two people who had been close to each other suddenly become closer. And they could not even tolerate any space.

He said, "whether it's my business or not, you are my woman, and there is no sand in my eyes."

After saying that, he kissed her as a punishment.

This time, Nora didn't resist him anymore. Instead, she accepted him kiss her as if she was dead. When he thought she had accepted her fate, his lips touched the salty and bitter taste of her tears.

He suddenly let her go and stood up, looking down at her from the bed.

It was very dark in the room, and only the moonlight outside reflected in. From the light, she could see that the man was very tall. His figure shrouded her, suddenly with a trace of coldness.

Nora also sat up, but she moved back

wards, trying to open the distance between herself and him.

She thought he would be angry, but she didn't expect that he just stared at her for a long time, and then he slowly crouched down and looked straight into her eyes.

"Don't worry. I will make you cry for me one day." Then he turned around and got out of bed. He took a coat and walked out of the room.

Hearing this, Nora was stunned.

However, the man didn't look back. It seemed that He was really angry!

After he left, Nora felt relieved. Without him, no matter how sad she was in her dream, no one would see her.

She hid herself under the quilt again, but she couldn't fall asleep for the whole night.

She didn't know why, but she didn't think of the previous dream. The face of Sawyer and the last words he left flashed through her mind again and again.

"How crazy! How could I cry for him?" She cursed the overbearing man secretly, turning over not to think of him.

However, the surrounding was full of his smell, including the faint smell of tobacco.

She tossed and turned all night and never fell asleep. The second day, Andy asked a servant to come over with a suit of clothes.

"Miss, it's time to get up. Mr. Sawyer asked you to wash up and have breakfast downstairs. He will take you out at half past nine on time."

Nora looked at Andy in surprise, but didn't show the same respect. But she hesitated and asked, "Go out?"

She remembered yesterday Sawyer asked her to go to the Cheng family with him.

She was unwilling to go with him.

Moreover, Samantha was going to be engaged to James in a few days. She really wanted to find a place to hide for a few days.

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