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   Chapter 23 Behave Yourself

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Nora was shocked. She was afraid of the man's hegemony in her heart, but now he was so gentle.

When he saw her astonishment, he even gently held her in his arms and told her to "Behave yourself."

These words were like a magic spell, making her a little confused.

When she came to her senses, she pushed him away. Looking at his shocked face, she didn't know how to explain.

She stammered, "You Your hair is still wet! " As she spoke, she lowered her eyes, not daring to look straight at this man.

To be exact, she didn't dare to look directly at his perfect figure. Just thinking of the scene just now made her blush and her heart beat faster.

She must be crazy that her heart was disturbed by a man.

Sawyer chuckled and didn't refuse her. He stood up and continued to walk into the bathroom. Hearing the sound of the hair dryer, Nora breathed a sigh of relief.

She also looked in the direction of the bathroom. At this moment, she had calmed down and understood that all his kind to her now was like feeding her a chronic poison, trying to win her trust, and then use her.

She understood that she couldn't be trapped in his gentle trap.

She was still very tired. She turned over and continued to sleep in the quilt. In a daze, she only heard him come out of the bathroom and turn off the light in the room.

Then he crawled into the quilt. With a burning feeling and a man's enthusiasm, he hugged her waist from behind.

In a daze, Nora reached out her hand to push him away, but found that he didn't make a

ny more moves. Instead, he just held her quietly and fell asleep.

Nora slept deeper and deeper. It seemed that she had returned to her youth.

In her dream, the young man still had a big smile on his face, but she didn't know when James became so resolute at the morning funeral.

A slap

The slap fell on Nora's face. The heat was still lingering in her heart, making her cry.

"No, James, it's really not me who killed him You said that you only love me in this life... " She wanted to cry out in her dream, but she couldn't.

However, from then on, what she saw was the hatred in James's eyes.

"Ah!" She screamed. Her back was wet with cold sweat. She just stared ahead. It was still dark around.

She couldn't tell whether she was still in her dream or not.

Slowly, she reached out her hand and touched her cheek that had been slapped by James in her dream. It seemed that it was still painful after so many years.

She could even touch the warmth of her tears.

But she didn't know when the man next to her was awakened by her. He sat up and stared at her for a long time. "Are you crying?"

If he didn't mishear, she seemed to be calling another man's name in her dream.

Surprised, Nora turned around and found She was sleeping next to another man, and this man seemed to be angry.

Sure enough, when she noticed this, the man beside her pulled her into his arms.

Without any precaution, Nora was suddenly pressed against his chest.

"Woman, are you calling another man on my bed?" He was angry.

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