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   Chapter 19 This Stupid Woman

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By the sea, the tide began to rise at night. Nora was so dizzy that she didn't even realize that her dress was wet by the sea water.

It was getting dark, but at the other end of the manor, all the staff were busy. The busy lights were flickering, occasionally All kinds of sounds could be heard from the mountain not far away.

Sawyer rushed out of the manor and walked through the mountain, but he still couldn't see her.

"Damn it! It's so big here How can I find her? " He cursed, but the anxiety in his heart grew uncontrollably.

Until he met Andy in the jungle, Andy still had a bitter face. "Mr. Sawyer, this place is too big. I don't know which direction she headed. You'd better go back first. She must be fine."

Sawyer glanced at Andy. His hair was in a mess because he was in a hurry to look for her. His clothes were also scratched by branches.

"Keep searching. Don't go back if you can't find her." He ordered.

He looked cold on the surface, but his heart is burning in the inside. He knew how big this place was and how many dangers were hidden in the forest.

If she fled here alone, a fall will put her in great danger, not to mention falling in the traps set by some hunters.

Andy had no choice but to listen to his order. But when he wanted to persuade his boss to go back, he stubbornly walked to the other side. "Don't worry about me. Find her before dawn." He ordered Andy as he walked forward.

He walked towards another direction. It was dark in front of him. He walked here easily with his wisdom, but he was guessing in his heart.

Suddenly, she stopped and looked at the othe

r end of the mountain, which was next to the sea.

Logically speaking, no matter how crazy she was, she couldn't walk all the way around the manor to go there?

However, as the cold wind came from the other side of the sea, Sawyer was a little uncertain. He walked towards the sea unconsciously.

The sea wind was freezing cold, and the sea water was even colder.

With trembles, she seemed to return to the past, when James was still close to her. They grew up together, and in the end that accident happened.

Since then, James has regarded her as an enemy and wished she could die like this.

She raised her eyes with difficulty and looked at the scene in front of her. The blue and black sea water was about to eat her alive.

She forced a smile and said, "maybe, I will die like this It's good! " She said weakly.

If she died like this, would James stop the hatred towards her?

Thinking of this, she fell down feebly. She felt dizzy and seemed to be supported by something.

She wasn't devoured by the cold water, nor did she feel cold and lonely. It was more like A chest. Someone pulled her into his arms.

She wanted to hold up her eyes, but found that she could not move anymore.

She could do nothing but let him hold her horizontally and walk back step by step. Out of conscience, she heard a domineering but a little gentle voice ringing in her ears.

"Stupid woman, do you really want to die here?" The scolding was accompanied by reluctance.

She tried her best to find him, but she fainted, leaving only Sawyer holding her in his arms and looking at her.

He felt sorry for her.

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