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   Chapter 18 the Gentleness

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"Please, help me!" She fell at his feet. The weak and desperate voice was always in his dream.

This woman, her breath and everything that happened on the cruise that night. Her gentleness really amazed him.

It was the first time that he had been so eager for a woman.

When Sawyer woke up, it was already the second half of the night.

She looked around and found that it was dark all around. Only the surveillance video on the wall in front of him was displaying, as if it was frozen there.

Only The woman who was lost.

Sawyer stood up at once and asked, "Where is she?" He suddenly roared and manipulated the screen, only to find that she was nowhere to be found.

Hearing the noise inside, Andy rushed in and saw the figure of Sawyer standing in front of the screen. His thin lips were tightly closed, which were so cold that no one dared to look straight at him.

Sometimes Andy was a little surprised. His boss should be the reincarnation of a genius, so that he could have such a jealous face.

But at this moment, Andy sensed that something was wrong.

The boss pointed at the screen and asked coldly again, "How did you guard? Where is she?"

"She?" Andy was stunned and felt undeserved, "Didn't you ask her to..."

"Don't you know that if no one leads the way here, she will break into the jungle?" Finally, Sawyer couldn't hold back his anger anymore and roared, "You just let her go if I ask her to leave. I ask you to die. Why don't you go to die immediately?"

Andy felt undeserved. Mr. Sawyer was too cold and ruthless!

He sniffed and bowed to Sawyer, "Mr. Sawyer, take care of yourself." Then he turned around and was about

to leave.

"Where are you going?" Sawyer stopped him.

"Mr. Sawyer wants me to die, I will die!" Andy looked desperate.

"Find her back right now." Sawyer felt that Andy was so stupid.

Andy suddenly burst into laughter. "I don't need to die? Oh, okay, I'll send someone to search for her right away, and make sure she's safe and sound! "

Sawyer sat back on the sofa and looked at the scene in front of him with dissatisfaction. Why was he so careless?

"Doesn't she know how to turn around?" He murmured.

Her stubbornness was deeply engraved in his eyes at the cruise ship night. If she went to a corner now, she might really die outside.

Thinking of this, Sawyer frowned and his handsome face was as cold as ice.

She died?

Why did he feel reluctant!

A few hours later, there was no good news from Andy. He looked dispirited and didn't dare to face Sawyer. He only sent a message through the intercom, "Mr. Sawyer, we have been searching in the jungle for several hours, but we haven't seen Nora yet. Would she..."


All of a sudden, the phone was hung up. Sawyer stood up and rushed into the darkness with a bang.

The manor was so big inside and outside. Outside the manor, there were almost several mountains in a row, and no one could find them.

He bought this manor because of the quiet environment, but he didn't expect that this woman was so stupid.

Andy was so anxious when the phone was hung up, but there was no response from Mr. Sawyer

In the darkness of the night, Sawyer rushed out of the manor without even putting on his coat.

He didn't even notice that he cared so much about her life and death.

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