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   Chapter 17 His Overbearing

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Andy stood in the hall with a cute look on his face. "Mr. Sawyer, is he angry?" He didn't know what had happened in the study just now.

But judging from Sawyer's expression, it was obvious that he didn't want her to leave.

After Sawyer checked all the surveillance videos in the study, he sat on the sofa and watched the picture. Nora's petite figure walked out of the manor.

He was looking at the weak woman in the picture. He didn't know why when she suddenly came in on the cruise, his heart seemed to be scratched.

He also didn't know why he saved her.

Until now, looking at her back and the faint dress fluttered with the morning wind, he suddenly became a little anxious.

He leaned his head against the sofa and found herself still having a fever!

"Andy, bring me the medicine." He roared.

Andy then took the antipyretics in and glanced at the monitor picture. He was also surprised. It seemed that he cared about this woman very much.

After he took the medicine, Andy also left.

Looking at the woman in the portrait, Sawyer seemed to have determined to leave here without looking back.

"Just go if you want!" He shouted. Anyway, the Cheng family would fall into his hands in the end. He would not let anyone in the Cheng family go.

He was still sitting on the sofa, leaning his head against it, and his eyes were still fixed on the woman on the screen.

Because of the drug, he fell asleep somehow.

In the video, the faint figure was out of sight. There was only an empty picture left without her trace.

After walking for a whole day, the gloomy day made people h

ot at the bottom of their hearts.

Nora didn't know how long it would take for her to get out of this damned place. She walked along the road, but he get into the jungle unexpectedly.

She wanted to retreat, but she didn't know the way back.

"What the hell is this place?" At this moment, she stood on the reef and looked at the sea in front of her speechlessly.

The water surface was blown by the wind, and white waves could be seen from the sky.

She couldn't find a way out alone, nor could she find the way back. "I won't go back. That domineering man, I..." She looked around and said, "I'd rather die here."

After walking for a day, she almost used up all her strength and sat on the reef powerlessly.

However, her heart was empty at this moment. She lowered her head on her knees and thought of James.

She got lost, alone, without anyone caring about her, and even If she was dead, James wouldn't take a look at her!

Didn't he know how much she loved him?

"James, James!" She murmured the name, but she didn't know when there were tears in the corners of her eyes.

At dusk, it began to rain again. Accompanied by the wind from the sea, she felt cold all over her body. Sitting on the reef, she was trembling all over.

The water level was rising and gradually drowned into the reef, but she was still sitting there without motion.


James! I will be happy if my death could make you happy.

She had never been so desperate like this moment. At this moment, she even thought of the domineering man, Sawyer

That night, she fell at his feet and asked for help.

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