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   Chapter 16 I Won't Care About Her

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3673

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Looking at the old man on the screen helplessly, Sawyer said, "Grandpa, it is my private affair..."

He was a man, not to mention that he had never been with any woman in the past few years under the guidance of his grandfather. It was not too much for him now.

However, he thought he could get through it in this way. He thought his grandfather didn't know the existence of Nora.

In the video, Warren's face suddenly changed. He held the dragon walking stick and looked angry. "Do you really think I'm old and stupid? That woman is the illegitimate daughter of the Cheng family. I know everything that you know. "

Sawyer fell silent. He could understand why his grandfather was angry, but he was unhappy.

Warren was also silent. "Back then, I took you away from everyone's chase and saved my life, making everyone think that we were dead too. Now I'm back, not to let you have fun..."

"Grandpa," Sawyer finally interrupted Warren," I know all these. I have arranged everything."

He didn't want to say too much, but grandpa's words made his heart sink again.

At this time, a beautiful woman walked close to Warren and said, "Grandpa, look at you. Are you mad at Sawyer again?"

She was the only daughter of her grandfather's comrade in arms.

Sawyer also knew that his grandfather treated her as his granddaughter in law, but He was just not in the mood.

Pointing at the woman beside him, Warren said, "if you are half as sensible as Lancy, I will be fine."

On the other side, the woman called Lancy persuaded Warren, "Grandpa, Sawyer knows. He will do everything well."

Hearing her explanation, Sawyer's head was about to blow up. He pinched his nose impatiently and said, "Grandpa, don't worry. I will handle it by myself. I will definitely win the cooperation with Cheng group."

Then she clos

ed the computer screen, not caring about what Warren wanted to say.

How could he forget the explosion in the past? When he came back to China this time, no one could stop him from doing anything There was no need to remind her.

He just wanted to take advantage of that woman, which no one knew better than him.

Just as he leaned against the chair in frustration, Andy's voice came from outside the study, "Miss, you'd better stay obediently. Otherwise, Mr. Sawyer knows that you will be the only one who suffers..."

The woman's voice was low, but it could be seen that she was anxious and wanted to leave here.

When Sawyer walked out of the study, he saw Andy stop her. He was standing upstairs, with his hands on the railing, looking at her coldly.

His lips moved and he said lazily, "Andy, let her go. If she has the ability, she can leave by herself."

This manor was far away from the city center, with mountains and seas on its back. If there was no special person to lead the way, she would never be able to walk out all her life.

Andy obviously knew what happened, "but, Mr. Sawyer, if she leaves by herself..."

"No one can stop her if she wants to die." Sawyer said, looking down at her with a cold and frightening expression.

Was it an illusion?

Nora shivered, but he said he would let her go. This was the best ending.

She pushed Andy's head without hesitation, "Do you hear me? No one is allowed to stop me." After saying that, she took a last glance at the man standing upstairs, turning around and walking out.

"Mr. Sawyer." Andy was worried.

Sawyer's eyes were still cold, and his grandfather's reprimand was reasonable.

The woman who broke in suddenly was not within his plan. He would not care about her.

Absolutely not.

He turned around and walked back to the study.

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