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   Chapter 15 Who Is That Woman

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3273

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His breath was intertwined around her. This kind of intimacy was strange to her.

But when she thought of what he would do to the Cheng family, she just wanted to leave.

However, he didn't want to struggle at all. Both of his hands were tightly held by him, and she even felt painful in her wrist.

When Nora made up her mind, she suddenly bit him back. The pain made him let her go. She suddenly had a chance. She got rid of him, bypassed him and ran towards the desk.

He wiped his lips with his hand. Apart from her beauty, the smell of blood mixed together, making people feel crazy.

It was like the feeling when a beast was hunting and controlling everything, which was exciting.

It felt so good!

Suddenly, he smiled and turned to look at her. "Woman, you are more interesting than I thought!" He said playfully, unbuttoning his clothes and walking towards her.

She didn't expect to irritate him, and now she was in a dilemma.

"Let me go. I've told you that I didn't approach you on purpose. I'm a member of the Cheng family. I won't stay with you... " Before she finished her words, she was pulled into his arms.

She lost her balance and fell into his arms again.

His breath approached again. "But I just want to keep a person who is the Cheng family by my side, which is dangerous and exciting enough." As he spoke, he grabbed her waist.

She felt a pain and stood up all the time, but he seized the opportunity to put his hand on her chin and pressed her lips against him again.

This man was full of arrogance and plunder.

Nora wanted to give him another bite to make him let her go.


this time, he seemed to have had an insight of her. When she was about to bite him, he suddenly let her go and approached her in the corner of the desk step by step.

When he untied the collar, the faint scar on his chest could be faintly seen. Only he knew the pain of that year.

But now, all the revenge was just beginning.

When she had nowhere to escape and suddenly bent down, with only one hand on the table, the screen of the computer suddenly turned.

After a few wobbles, an old man with grey hair appeared on the screen. The screen was connected.

The old man said," Sawyer…." The voice was somewhat dignified.

All of a sudden, Sawyer's heart skipped a beat. He didn't expect that his grandfather would answer the phone at this time, and the camera on the screen just shot the figures of Nora and himself."

She was hiding in this corner, while he was Her collar was loosened.

It was easy to see what was going on.

Not only Sawyer but also Nora was stunned. She didn't know what was going on, but the scene in front of her was easy to be misunderstood!

Noticing that Sawyer was in a daze, she stood up at once and pushed him away and rushed out.

When the video was connected, it was impossible for Sawyer to catch up with her. Andy outside could handle everything, but he just loosened his collar and let himself go completely.

She sat on the chair lazily, looking dispirited and handsome. "Grandpa, what happened? Why is it so sudden? "

Suddenly All of these ruined his plan.

As expected, the old man in the video suddenly became angry. "How could there be a woman here? Who is she?"

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