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   Chapter 14 Drag Her Down With Him

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The assistant led her to the study. When she arrived, she found that Sawyer had changed into a pajama. His slender figure stood by the window, looking a little cold and distant.

On the desk, the screen was still on the monitor of the room just now.

"Mr. Sawyer, Miss. Nora is here." Andy pushed her shoulder and she was pushed inside reluctantly. She turned around and saw Andy left and closed the room casually.

She didn't want to face this man. He was like a wolf that would swallow her at any time.

And now, this wolf was looking at her, and the light in its eyes was extremely dangerous She also saw the light of anger.

She hadn't thought of how to say this. Why did he suddenly ask her to come over again? He said in a cold voice, "it seems that you have turned a deaf ear to what I said."

As he spoke, he sat down by the desk. He lifted his feet and crossed them on the desk. His movements were unrestrained, but very gloomy.

"What are you talking about?" Nora didn't understand what he was talking about and frowned.

However, the man snorted coldly as if he was mocking, "do you think I won't know that you called James?"

This was his territory.

Nora was stunned and angry. "You are monitoring me?"

Did he hear all the conversation between her and James?

All her humble attitude towards James and his ruthlessness to her Did he know?

Sawyer stood up, put his hands in the pockets of his trousers and approached her step by step. "Do you think you can hide your moves from me?"

As he approached, she stepped back. She was afraid of this man from the bottom of her heart.

However, when she retreated to the door and looked up at him, she secretly twisted the handle of the door, trying to take the opportunity to leave the study.

However, it seemed that Sawyer had already seen through her mind. He stretched out his hand and grabbed her wrist behind her back tightly.

She is between the door and him. His smell was close to her, and she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Her face suddenly turned red, and she turned her hea

d. "Let go of me."

"No one is allowed to get involved with the woman I have touched. Do you just ignore my words, or do you want me to destroy the Cheng family right now and bring the man named James here?" He said coldly.

It was true that she was a member of the Cheng family, but she had also been completely possessed by him. Nothing belonged to him was allowed to be coveted by other men, even if she was just missing him.

This was his principle.

Hearing that, Nora's face turned pale all of a sudden. "You're crazy. What the hell do you want to do? I'm just an illegitimate daughter. No one will take me seriously, let alone using me to approach you. It has nothing to do with James..."

"Really?" But he interrupted her suddenly. His tone was so cold. Nora was about to say something, but was suppressed by his anger.

He continued, "It's better. Since the Cheng family doesn't admit you, you can stay with me. In the past few years, I really haven't kept any woman by my side. You can have a try!"

As he spoke, he lowered his head very close to her. His breath touched her neck, make her skin itchy, and there was a trace of strange masculinity in it, which suddenly made her seem to be electrocuted.

The next moment, her heart trembled. "Go away. What do you want to do? I won't fall into your trap. Do you want to use me to deal with the Cheng family? "

He didn't look like a kind person. How could he let her go so easily?

What a good reason to keep her by his side!

However, she suddenly found that she could not push him away at all. At this moment, his eyes were full of arrogance and the eager to possess her.

"You You? " She opened her mouth dully and couldn't push him away, but she felt bad in her heart.

However, he smiled more evilly. "You are right."

He suddenly felt that it would be more interesting.

Suddenly, he tightened his grip on her. She felt a pain, but he bent down and kissed her, as if he was punishing her


She suddenly had an illusion that she would be dragged down by this man together.

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