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   Chapter 13 It Would Be Best If She Died

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When this thought flashed through Nora's mind, her heart was trembling. She didn't know how deep James hated her, but If she had come to this step and asked him for help, would he still pity her?

Even if there was only a little mercy left!

She stumbled out of the bed and quickly picked up the phone that had just been trampled by Sawyer. She restarted the phone, but her heart was beating fast.

Fortunately, the man just cracked the screen and it can be turned on.

His number had been in her address for several years, but there wasn't a call record. She hesitated for a moment and became more nervous.


The phone was connected, but Nora's heart beat faster. She was not sure whether he would answer her phone or not.

Until a familiar and strange voice came from the other end of the phone, "who is it?" His voice was still low and magnetic, as if it was always so serious and calm. This was exactly what James was talking about.

It seemed that he had already deleted her number before he answered it. He didn't know that the person who called him at this time was Nora.

"James, it's me!" Nora said in an unsure voice with a bit of sob.

"……" There seemed to be a moment of silence on the other end of the phone, as if he was not sure, or he had heard something.

Nora feared he would hang up the phone next moment, saying quickly, "James, help me. I know you hate me, but now I beg you to save me!"

She could only beg James

In the world, she only had James except Mary. She had no one else to trust, so she couldn't help crying.

"In order to get my attention, have you upgraded your means?" On the other side of the phone, James couldn't help but sneer.

However, Nora was stunned. Kneeling on the cold

ground, her heart sank. "I... I didn't lie to you. I was kidnapped, and he locked me up. He forced me..."

She choked with sobs. Out of shame, she couldn't tell him what Sawyer had done to her.

"Ha ha." However, at the same time, James sneered," When you see I'm going to be engaged to Samantha, you can't stand, right? "

Hearing that, Nora was stunned again. She didn't expect that James would think of her like that.

However, there was still no mercy on the other side of phone. James said, "Listen to me, Nora. No matter what happened to you now, don't call me again from now. I even feel sick to take one more look at you.

No matter who treats you, it has nothing to do with me. I haven't forgiven you since the death of Jona. You should have died a long time ago. So, even if you die now, don't come to bother me! "

After saying that, the phone was hung up mercilessly. Only Nora was still kneeling there, listening to the cold sound of "Du" on the other end of the phone.

Finally, she burst into tears, as if she had heard the sound of heartbreak.

Not willing to put down the phone, she said to the man who had already hung up, "James, how can you believe me, Jona… I didn't kill her! "

"Is it true that I am really dead only bothering your eyes?" She cried and asked, but at this moment, her heart was extremely painful.

But at this time, the door of the room opened, and a ray of light reflected in, overlapping on her lonely and pitiful figure.

It was Andy. He said, "Miss, Mr. Sawyer invites you."

In the study on the other side, Sawyer was sitting in front of the computer and watching the surveillance video in Nora's room. At this moment, his face was extremely gloomy

Her first phone call was to James!

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