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   Chapter 12 Will You Come To Save Me

Prisoner Of Your Tenderness By Shu Yu Characters: 3570

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In the darkness, this man seemed to have really turned into a wolf, looking at her with greedy eyes. At the same time, Nora also noticed his change and immediately stopped talking.

"I..."Nora suddenly had a feeling of retreat and she gradually stepped back.

However, Sawyer approached her step by step and stepped on the phone that had just fallen on the ground. The sound of the broken screen was harsh at the moment.

She had no time to care about her phone, the man in front of her approached her until she leaned on the wall, and there was no way for her.

And the man seized her neck with one hand. He could only feel the strength of his five fingers grabbing her, with resentment. "I tell you, you are not qualified to mention my parents."

As he spoke, he lowered his head and bit her on the neck. It seemed that he wanted her to taste the piercing pain he had suffered all these years.

"Ouch!" Nora put her hands on his cheeks and tried to push him away.

However, he wouldn't stop until he tasted blood. When he released her, he didn't let her move at all. He still trapped her in the middle of him and the wall.

His breath was so close, and his breath was full of danger.

He said, "that's right. Remember this feeling. From now on, I will let you experience this pain every day..."

Give all this pain back to the Cheng family, a thousand times, a million times!

Hearing this, Nora's heart sank. This man was really insane!

She grabbed the man's collar and pretended to be strong, "what do you want? I don't know you at all. The Cheng family doesn't know you either. What do you want from these?"

The Cheng family had invited him to a party on the ship as a distinguished guest, but they didn't expect that this man was actually a


"What do I want? You can't even think of it!" With an evil smile, Sawyer buried his head in her neck again.

Nora was shocked. The pain she had just felt from the bite hadn't dissipated yet. When she was about to push him away, she was stunned again.

The feeling on her neck was not the pain of biting!

He was

kissing her!

"Let me go!" She struggled, but her wrists were all clasped by him, and she could not push him away at all.

She leaned against the wall and moved aside. The two of them fell on the bed at the same time, but Sawyer still didn't let her go.

This wolf was sure to defeat her.

He didn't let her go until nearly daylight. After putting on his shirt, he walked out of the room. When the door was just about to be closed, he stopped again.

Without turning around, she heard him saying in a cold voice, "by the way, since you're my woman, don't think about James anymore. Without my order, you wouldn't be able to leave here for the rest of your life."

"Bang!" the door was completely closed, and the last ray of light was covered.

There was only Nora left in the room. She was like a puppet doll, whose whole body had been disassembled and assembled, and some part of her body was indescribably painful.


At this moment, she thought of the man she had loved for so many years. Looking at her messy clothes, the man named Sawyer took everything from her without hesitation.

She just wanted to cry.

"James." She murmured, with a tear dropping down, "if you know that I was Will you come to save me? "

James hated her so bad, would he sympathize her? Even if just pity her, a little?

With a glimmer of hope in her eyes, she looked at the phone on the ground, the only person she could trust.

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