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   Chapter 7 A Dangerous Game

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In a daze, Nora was taken back to his manor. She didn't know how long she had slept. When she opened her eyes again, a cold voice came from the room, "you are finally willing to wake up?"


Thinking of this, she suddenly stood up and found herself in a strange room.

The curtains couldn't cover the sunshine outside, nor could they cover the figure of the demon-like man sitting by the window. He was elegant and unrestrained, and his every move was full of aristocratic style.

There was a notebook on the table next to him, on which there was all her information.

"The eldest daughter of the Cheng family had an affair with someone and gave birth to you, but that man ran away. For the Cheng family, you are a shame. " Said Sawyer.

He said slowly with a hint of mockery in his voice, "what's more, you and James, your future brother-in-law, had an affair. If you can marry him, you can marry into a rich family and don't have to be laughed at, but unfortunately You killed his brother. "

While saying that, he couldn't help but sneer, "are you born with bad luck, or are you destined to be an illegitimate daughter who can't turn over? You can even give up your childhood sweetheart. "

There was a feeling that her scar was uncovered. All of a sudden, the blood all over Nora's body seemed to freeze, for the demon-like man in front of her. "You investigated me?"

She thought that after all those years, it was okay that James didn't forgive her. After all, no one mentioned it again, But now, being said so bluntly by this strange man, everything seemed to be repeating, and she could not escape.

After Sawyer closed the laptop, he stood up and looked down at her. "I want you to be my bed warmer by my side. How can I not investigate you clearly?"

"Who wants to stay with you to warm up your bed?" Startled, Nora suddenly remembered something.

However, Sawyer

was faster than her. He grabbed her chin and forced her to face him. "Do you think you can escape from me?"

After knowing his secret? How naive she was?

Unable to get rid of him, she could only put her hand on his wrist to see if he could let go of her. "This is illegal detention. If anyone knows it..."

"Who do you think will care about you, an illegitimate daughter?" "As far as I know, even if you didn't go back for ten or eight years, no one in the Cheng family would remember you." Sawyer interrupted coldly.

As he spoke, he loosened his grip unexpectedly.

However, Nora was also stunned.

Raising her head, she said, "even so, I won't let you hurt Cheng family. You are not kind-hearted. What the hell do you want to do?"

She stared at him, but her heart was unusually firm.

Even if no one in the Cheng family thought highly of her, her mother was still in the Cheng family. From his phone call, she knew that Sawyer wanted to deal with the Cheng family.

No, he wanted to pull the Cheng family down from its current status. In this case, it would be a greater humiliation to the Cheng family. Without glory, life would be worse than death.

This man was born with a dangerous atmosphere. She couldn't watch her mother in danger in the Cheng family.

"What do I want to do?" However, the look in Sawyer's eyes became colder. "I want the Cheng family to be doomed, but I didn't expect that you are also a member of the Cheng family. It's funny now..." As he spoke, he reached out his hand and pushed Nora down.

He held her tightly, like a demon in the hell. "I haven't had a good taste of you last night. Since the Cheng family arranged you to sleep with me, shouldn't you be more dutiful and behave yourself?"

It was undeniable that this woman was so infatuated for him, and he even had a more audacious plan.

He wanted to play a dangerous game with her.

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