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   Chapter 6 You Came To Me

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However, he squeezed Nora's hand so hard that she couldn't break free from his grip. "Who? Who approached you deliberately and hooked you? I won't let you hurt the Cheng family. "

Although the Cheng family treats her as a transparent person, she grew up there. She couldn't just watch the guy destroy it like this.

"Mind your own business!" As Sawyer spoke, he raised her head and pinched her chin hard. Nora felt as if her jaw was about to be crushed by him.

But Sawyer lowered his head and kissed her lip. To be exact, he bit her lip.

After last night's encounter, Sawyer felt as if this woman's could inexplicably arouse his mood, and he could only tightly suppressed her in this tiny room.

Nora put her hands against the muscles on Sawyer's chest, wanting to push him away, but she failed under his strong strength. Then his hands suddenly moved forward, she seemed to have got an electric shock all over her body.

She tried her best to push him away, but she was grabbed by him more tightly. He put his arm in front of her neck, preventing her from running away.

"Just kill me!" Nora shouted angrily. She would rather be killed by him than be tortured like this.

However, suddenly, a wicked smile appeared on Sawyer's face. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "You really fascinated me. What a waste to kill you!"

After a pause, he seemed to have another idea. "I'd like to know how important you are to the Cheng family? If you don't show up, how will the Cheng family react? "

He still felt that everything couldn't be so coincidental. No matter what, she was specially arranged by the Cheng family to stay with him.

"What do you want?" Nora had a bad feeling. This man was dangerous enough to look at. She was afraid that he would really do something out of line. "I'm really not..."

Before she

could finish her words, Sawyer opened his mouth and bit her collarbone hard. The bite was so painful that she bit her lower lip tightly.

He let go of her. "Moreover, you know my secret, and I can't let you leave." Sawyer took back his domineering manner and declared it as if he was a God.

However, Nora shook her head desperately. "You can't do this. The Cheng family doesn't care about me. You misunderstood..."

Before she could finish her words, she was pulled by him again, and was caught tightly by him. The unique masculine aura came. Everything happened last night was repeated, and she could not resist it at all.

Nora thought this man was hateful.

"Woman, I've let you go last night. I didn't expect you to have a purpose. Since you came to me by yourself, don't blame me. I'll give you what you want." Then he lowered his head, ignoring her resistance.

He had no reason to refuse a woman who came to him on purpose!

She was stunned. Did he really not took advantage of her last night? But the next moment, the man got even more dangerous.

She came to him, she could do nothing about it, let alone in this small room.

This time, she lost herself completely.

When Sawyer was willing to let her go, there was only a sense of panic around her. She felt as if her soul had been sucked out and she was powerless.

She struggled to open her eyes and saw that the man had put on his clothes and buttoned his sleeves gracefully, which was reflected in the eyes of Nora.

He couldn't ignore the red stain. She was still a virgin, but she gave herself away for the Cheng family. Then don't blame him.

He threw a coat on her to cover her sight. Then he turned around and opened the door again. The sunlight flashed in and Nora couldn't open her eyes.

"Take her back with us," Sawyer ordered his assistant

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