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   Chapter 2 The Moonlight

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Quickly hanging up the phone, the man stared at the scene in front of him.

The strange woman grasped onto his shoes as if he was her only hope. She looked powerless as she collapsed onto the pavement. Her lips were already blue from the lack of blood.

Sawyer Xiao squatted down and helped her up, letting her snuggle into his arms. Her sweet fragrance mixed with the tanginess of blood entered his nostrils.

Seeing the two men approached them, he narrowed his eyes. "You're getting in my way."

The men in black were stunned to hear his voice. They gazed at the straight figure, noticing several bodyguards standing behind him with their guns pointed at the pair.

Sawyer Xiao's face was incredibly handsome under the moonlight. He quickly handed the phone in his hand to the person beside him.

His shirt was already stained with blood. As Nora was about to say something else, she collapsed into his arms.

Seeing the faint stains on his shirt, Sawyer Xiao frowned.

He then gazed at the two men in front of him, as if daring them to step forward.

One of them clenched his fists. "You'd better mind your own business. Hand her over. Do you even know who we are?"

"Do you even know who I am?" Sawyer Xiao gritted his teeth. Not bothering to engage with them any further, he waved his hand dismissively as he turned around. "Kill them."

As soon as he finished his words, bullets flew into the two men's chest, knocking them down. Because of the silencer the bodyguards had, no one could hear what was happening.

Andy, Sawyer Xiao's assistant, rushed over from the other side of the cabin with a document in his hand. "Mr. Sawyer, I already have the document."

Sawyer Xiao didn

't respond. Instead, he walked towards his room with the woman in his arms. The assistant's eyes widened in surprise. Andy had never seen his boss interested in why now? Andy caught up with him. "What about the woman, Mr. Sawyer?"

"I'm taking her to my room." Sawyer continued to walk forward.

Andy's jaw dropped. 'What's wrong with Mr. Sawyer today? If Mr. Warren knows about this...' However, before he could tell him of his thoughts, Sawyer already disappeared from his sight.

Sawyer took her back to his room. The moment he closed the door, Sawyer brought his gaze onto the woman's face. He couldn't help but feel aroused at the sight of her delicate face.

Nora blinked, finally regaining consciousness. She could feel someone was cleaning the dried blood on her hand. She scrunched up her nose as her cold fingertips brushed against something warm.

She wanted to open her eyes, but she was powerless. She could only raise her hand and grab the man's sleeve. "Who are you?" Nora gasped out.

Sawyer bent over and whispered in her ear. "My name's Sawyer." He could feel that her grip wasn't wavering on his sleeve.

He gazed at her. How long had it been since he saw a woman up close?

However, Sawyer didn't feel awkward. Not only did he save the woman, but he also wanted to protect her.

Without another word, he leaned over and kissed her.

Nora wanted to push him away, but she had no strength. Her mind was already a mess as she felt as if she was being drowned by his kiss.

The man's lips were incredibly gentle against hers.

The moon outside glistened across the night. Through the dense mist, there were two figures snuggling up to each other in the room.

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