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The cruise ship on the sea stilled in the night wind. Dark waves splashed across the solid panels as the colorful reflection glistened across the sea. The bright stars glittered in the night.

The party on the ship was endless. After a few glasses of wine, Nora Cheng couldn't stand it anymore. She walked onto the deck alone and hoped to blow away the tipsiness bubbling up inside of her.

"Nora, come on! Have another drink?" Behind her, Samantha Cheng walked over holding two glasses of wine and handed one of them to Nora Cheng.

While Nora Cheng was an illegitimate daughter, Samantha Cheng was her cousin and the oldest daughter of the Cheng Family. Nora Cheng had her mother's surname, but she didn't even know who her father was. For now, she had lived with the Cheng Family.

Ever since Nora Cheng was a child, she had always felt inferior to Samantha Cheng. That was partly because she wasn't their legitimate daughter and also because Samantha Cheng would be engaged to the man she also liked.

"I can't drink anymore," Nora insisted with a smile.

However, Samantha's face darkened. "Why? Are you sad that I'm engaged to James? Don't give me that look!"

With a sigh, Nora took the wine from Samantha and drank it in one gulp. Only when she finished it all up had Samantha smirked. A hint of cruelty flashed in her eyes.

'Nora, you're going to disappear in my life tonight.'

Nora's vision began blurring almost immediately. She loosened the hold on her glass and it shattered on the pavements. She couldn't stand steadily as she leaned against the railings.

Samantha feigned confusion. "What's wrong, Nora? Are you drunk?"

Touching her forehead, Nora could already tell that something was wrong. "The wine," she stuttered out.

Samantha snorted. "It's a shame that my family let you become a Cheng. Hell, you even have the nerve to compete with me for James's heart. I've had enough of you. You should leave."

"What do you mean?" Although Nora was still in a daze, she could feel her heart twitch from her cousin's voice.

Samantha's eyes widened drastically. "Don't you understand? The Cheng Family can't tolerate you anymore, and James would never love you. The moment you killed his brother, he wasn't destined for you anymore. Yet, you conti

nue to disturb him with your presence. Why are you even still alive? Can't your death serve as an apology?"

"No..." At the mention of what had happened in the past, Nora felt a stabbing sensation in her chest. It was probably the effect of the drug. Her surroundings started to blur around her as she staggered around.

With her last bit of strength, she grabbed Samantha's hand tightly. "You know what happened that year," she warned.

Before she could finish her words, Samantha shook off her hand and narrowed her eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about." Two men in black walked behind her. Nora blinked, trying her best to stand steadily. However, she failed. She slumped onto the deck. Samantha crossed her arms. "Make it clean, got that?"

"Yes, ma'am." The two men in black lifted the unconscious body and walked towards the back of the ship.

Samantha drank up her wine and smirked. "I'll be engaged to James, Nora. You'll only get in my way. Everyone will know that you've committed suicide by jumping into the sea, and no one will pity you."

Samantha turned and left arrogantly. She didn't need to witness the process. All she wanted was for that woman to disappear.

Nora blinked, regaining consciousness. She was being assisted by the men in black. She tried to process her surroundings. However, the more she thought about it, the heavier her head became. She didn't know where she was being carried. All she could feel was the cold wind rushing up her face. "Save me!"

At that time, a faint voice, answering a phone call, came from the other side of the deck. "Grandpa, don't worry. Everything will go well here."

She didn't want to die, especially not here. She pushed the suited men and stumbled onto the ground. The glass slashed against her hand, and she groaned in pain.

Before she lost her last sanity, she grabbed the broken fragments and slashed the man who came to grab her. Without another thought, she struggled to move towards the man with a phone.

Her limbs became weak, and she couldn't see what was in front of her anymore.

Finally, Nora couldn't stand anymore and she landed on the man's feet.

Nora reached out and grabbed the man's leather shoes. Fresh blood flowed from her hand. "Please," she choked out. "Help me."

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