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   Chapter 286 Long Time No See

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"What happened?" Jacob came over and asked nervously.

Mia held the phone tightly, and tears kept streaming down her face. She wanted to say something, but she couldn't. She just shook her head.

Startled, Nora turned her head and walked back to Mia. Mia ordered, "Nora, help me stop Eleanor. Don't let her follow me anymore."

"What? This... "

Before Nora could finish her sentence, Mia ran out. Nora looked suspiciously at Jacob, who was watching the slender figure farther and farther away with a slight frown. Then she took a glance at Eleanor, who just met with Aiden, and before she could think of any reason to stop Eleanor, she saw that Aiden was whispering to Ethan after answering a phone call.

The next moment, Ethan and Aiden strode out, and Eleanor's eyes suddenly fell on the position where Nora and Jacob stood. With a fake smile, Nora raised her arm and greeted Eleanor.

Seeing that Eleanor was walking, she squeezed through the crowd without hesitation.

Standing outside the ward, Mia trembled more violently. After a long time, she opened the door with her trembling hand.

From the door to the bed, this short distance she had walked for countless times made her feel like a long river. Except for the babbling of Darin, nothing could be heard in the room.

Mia restrained herself and stepped forward again. And the person on the bed not far away was looking at her with Darin in his arms.

Daniel's black eyes were full of tenderness, and he just smiled gently. Then he waved at her and said, "Mia, come here."

Mia lowered her head and burst into laughter, but tears kept falling down.

As soon as she put her hand on his, he suddenly pulled her into his arms. His dry lips stroked her ear and whispered, "Mia~ Mia~"

Daniel tirelessly called Mia again and again, Mia choked with sobs and stopped him, "Lie down. You just woke up not long ago."

I'm not that weak. I have just asked the doctor to give me an examination. If you don't believe me, you can ask Bill." D

round and walked out.

Ethan's attitude was so obvious that it made Oliver clench his teeth. Sitting in the car back, Oliver still felt that Ethan was contemptuous and disdainful of him.

But what else could he do? He had stepped on a wrong road and he could not turn back since Lora brought the baby of Mia to him.

As soon as he got the baby, he received a call. The mechanical cold voice made him chuckle and worry.

"Exchange the baby for the share inheritance agreement in Ethan's hands." The familiar mechanical voice ordered coldly.

Oliver was shocked at that time...

"Well, you don't have to know the rest of my shares." The man continued on the phone.

Oliver was confused, but he dare not ask more. He didn't know who the man on the phone was, but the man could always help him when he was in need. Although he sometimes asked for return, it was not in direct proportion to what he had done.

"Remember, don't hurt the baby." The man warned.

This was the reason of what happened in the old house of the Su family. Oliver knew that it was not easy to deal with Ethan, but he had to do that.

In his heart, the man whose identity was still unknown was more terrifying than Ethan. It seemed that as long as the man wanted to know something or wanted something, he could always think of a way to achieve his goal.

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