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   Chapter 285 Two Weddings On The Same Day

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Seeing that Cathy and Mia still didn't speak, Mandy said softly, "Grandma also make mistakes about what happened that year...I was old and stupid..."

"Grandma, don't say that." Mia lowered her head and interrupted Mandy, as she pinched Cathy's thigh with her left hand under the table.

"Ahem..."Cathy stared coldly at the rice in her bowl. After swallowing the food in her mouth, she looked up at the people who were staring at her. She opened her mouth, but in the end, she didn't say anything.

William, on the other hand, understood her silence. He then said, "There's still no news about Jacob for so many days. Now, Mr. Ethan..."He glanced at Mia and saw that she didn't change her face, then he continued, "Mr. Ethan has let go of JY Group. Cathy, would you like to go back to the JY Group to help me?"


Mia didn't expect that Cathy refused directly. She frowned and pinched Cathy again. Cathy gave Mia a meaningful look and said, "I can't stay in the JY Group for so long. It's very troublesome to come back and forth."


When Mia raised her head, she saw that William's face suddenly turned pale, which made his originally gaunt face even worse. When she was about to ask Cathy to stop, Cathy continued, "I may get married next month. I'm busy."

"Get married??" William was shocked.

"Really? That's great! " Mia exclaimed.

At the end of April, the two young masters of the Jiang clan got married at the same day.

The weddings were held in the Night Phoenix Hotel, and both of the two brothers chose to have an open-air wedding. This put their mutual friends of both sides in a dilemma, just like Mia.

Mia was wearing a water blue long dress with a gradual change of color today. Looking at the two brides who were making up in front of the luxurious dresser, she heaved a long sigh.

When Cathy looked at Mia in the mirror, she smiled and said, "Are you jealous?"

Hearing the words, Mia looked to the direction where the voice came from and saw a playful look on Cathy's face. She could not help but burst into laughter, "I already have a child. Why should I envy you?"

Cathy nodded w

nding not to see Eleanor, Mia just looked away and glanced at the person beside her. Eleanor and Aiden both worked for Ethan. So what's the difference between paying attention to Eleanor and looking for Aiden?

"I'm really not...Alas, forget it." Nora gave up explaining.

Although her love for Aiden was never a secret in front of Mia, it was still uncomfortable for her to be stared at so bluntly by Mia.

She really loved Aiden, but it seemed that Aiden didn't have that kind of feeling for her. She had loved him for so long, but she didn't know if it was because she was used to loving him, or because she had been dreaming that there would be a miracle someday.

At the end of the ceremony, the entrance suddenly became noisy. Mia and the others looked through the crowd and saw the person in the distance.

In fact, Mia didn't understand why these people would be excited whenever they saw Ethan.

Mia, who was standing in an inconspicuous position, quietly moved back, but the mobile phone in her handbag rang at this time. Seeing Bill's number, her heart tightened. Usually, Bill wouldn't have called her if it weren't for Darin.

She quickly slid the answer key, "Hello..."

No one knew what Bill said on the other end of the line, and the smile on Mia's face disappeared in an instant. The knuckles of her fingers holding the phone also turned white, and her lips trembled. "Bill, what did you say? ?”

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