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   Chapter 284 It's Not That Difficult To Relieve

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Jacob shook his head.

What happened to Mia's child last time and what his mother did made him unable to face Cathy and Mia.

He had warned Melissa and Lora many times, and they had promised him very sincerely. Except for her relationship with Aaron, Lora had never provoked Mia again. That's why he burnt the materials investigated by Cathy.

Anyway, Melissa and Lora were all his blood relatives, but this time they really crossed his bottom line.

In his eyes, the grace of raising him was much greater than that of giving birth to him. He remembered that he was only a teenager when he knew the truth. He even once hated and resented Sara. He even provoked her a lot when he was young and rebellious. But even if Sara was so angry that she hid in her room and cried, she did not say anything harsh to him. Every time, she would talk to him after calming down.

He had made many mistakes, but now he couldn't remember clearly. But he clearly knew that the people accompanying him from beginning to end were Sara, Cathy and Mia.

Sara's sudden death was also very sudden for him, but he had never thought about it at that time.

He remembered that on the day his biological mother Melissa entered the gate of Yao family, he was not happy anyway. The figure that kept flashing in his mind was Sara, the woman he had called mother for more than 20 years.

Maybe he had doubts, but he just deceived himself and dare not face the truth. It was not until Ethan took him away that he was forced to face it.

Ethan was right. Indulgence would only make things worse.

That night, Jacob didn't enter the door of Yao family. He, and his two sisters chatted for a long time in the car. From anger to relief, from heartache to forgiveness, from memory to the future.

It was not that difficult to relieve.

After going through these things, their state of mind changed, and their methods of handling things were also different from before.

Mia thought it was not bad.

There was no resentment or complaint. There was only understanding

grandma and I will wait for you at home. Whether you will come back or not, we will wait. " William said faintly.

"Bye." Cathy answered for Mia and hung up the phone.

At six o'clock, the two of them appeared at the door of Yao family on time.

But when they looked at the villa in front of them, they were stunned at the same time. The villa at this time was what they remembered.

Before they raised their hands and knocked on the door, the door was suddenly opened from inside. William was stunned when he saw them. When he came to his senses, he shouted, "Mom, I'm right. Cathy and Mia are back."

Somehow, Mia and Cathy held hands tightly.

In fact, they all knew that this scene was too familiar.

When they were young, every time as they came back home, William usually turned around and said to Sara, "Honey, our girls are back." ...

Cathy and Mia walked into the house silently. At the table, they just buried their heads in eating and didn't say anything.

Seeing that the hard won dinner was about to end, William put down his chopsticks, hesitated for a long time, and said, "I divorced Melissa, but I didn't investigate what Melissa had done for so many years. It's over now."

In fact, Mia knew that William's decision of divorcing Melissa was mostly for the sake of Jacob. However, to some degree, William was apologizing to them.

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