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   Chapter 283 A Heavy Gift

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What happened before seemed to be rooted in her mind, and Melissa's words kept ringing in her ears.

It hurt so much.

Subconsciously, she didn't want to believe this fact, but she wanted to find the real reason for her mother's death. This tangle even began to struggle in her body and mind.

She held the phone and found the number of Jacob, but she didn't dial it. It was at this time that she realized that she hadn't called him since she knew he was taken away.

Looking at the familiar light, Mia took a deep breath. Somehow, a trace of fear arose in her heart.

"Knock, knock, knock..." the window was knocked. She turned her head and saw Cathy staring at her coldly. Mia got out of the car and was about to speak when Cathy pulled her arm and walked towards the Yao family.

This action full of anger made Mia could not help but feel frightened. Then she hurriedly grabbed Cathy with the other arm and said, "Cathy, wait a moment."

"What are you waiting for? The truth is clear!" Cathy looked back at Mia angrily and pulled her harder.

"At least tell me what happened to Jacob." Mia insisted.

Hearing Mia's words, Cathy exhaled a deep and turbid breath, and slowed down her pace. "When Jacob came to our home, he was about four years old, one year younger than me. In the same year, mom was pregnant. She was so happy to wait for you to come to the world, but you were still a girl. I only know that they adopted Jacob in a welfare house later. "

"Then why didn't I know anything about it?"

"There's nothing to talk about. Grandma likes boys, and mom has no choice. But later...Mom really loved Jacob...and treated him as her own son. " Cathy's voice was a little dim.

Mom loved Jacob so much that she couldn't bear such a blow.

Mia and Cathy entered the house, followed by William, but the latter looked much worse than them. As soon as Emma served the tea, Jacob sniffed and sneered, "Why are you back?"

"Here is a bi

hers live a good life??? "

Cathy's cold eyes fell on Melissa. Then she took Mia's arm, looked at William and Mandy and said, "If you can't handle it well, we won't mind helping you."

Seeing that Mia Cathy were about to pass her, Melissa madly rushed to Mia. But this action was stopped by William. He threw Melissa to the ground and said to the Cathy and Mia, "I will investigate it clearly."

"That's well."

When they came out of Yao's house, they saw the familiar figure. Cathy and Mia were a little stiff. They only cared about the cause of their mother's death and did not consider the matter of Jacob. At this moment, when they suddenly bumped into each other, they were all at a loss.

Finally, Jacob broke the ice, "Cathy, Mia."

He rubbed Mia's hair as usual. A gentle smile appeared on his face, and the way he looked at her was as gentle as water.

Mia was no stranger to such an expression and tenderness. When she looked up and saw Jacob, she found that there was bitterness behind his gentle back.

She felt pain in her heart and called in a muffled voice, "Jacob."

Jacob then laughed happily and looked away. "I thought you two would never talk to me again."

"Why don't you come in?" Cathy asked, her face was still gloomy, but her tone was much better than before.

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