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   Chapter 282 I'm Afraid You Only Care About Him

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Mia frowned and racked her brains to remember when she had seen Melissa like this.

Just as she looked up at the hall, a freeze frame picture suddenly flashed through her mind. This sudden idea lit up her eyes.

She remembered that it was when Melissa left her mother's ward, Melissa had behaved like this at that time.

Fearless and domineering.

Ethan raised his head and looked coldly at Melissa not far away. Just as he opened his lips and was about to speak, Melissa spoke out quickly, "You must promise to let Jacob go home after asking. If you don't keep your words, I won't let you go."

"Haha..." Ethan turned his head and sneered as if he had heard something ridiculous. When he withdrew his sight, he said, "You are threatening me? Don't forget that Jacob is still in my place. I don't mind getting back at Jacob for what your precious daughter has done. "

"No!" Melissa's domineering aura suddenly collapsed.

"I do whatever I want. Don't you think it's a good deal? Trade Jacob for the safety of your own daughter. " Ethan said lightly, resting his chin on his palm.

At this moment, he looked lazy, but there was a gleam in his deep eyes. Mia intuitively felt that the further back their conversation was, the more crucial it would be. Somehow, she took out her phone and turned on the camera to video mode.

The next moment Mia was a little stunned by her own action, especially when she saw the surprised expression of Aiden beside her. But the following words made her look away quickly.

"Lora has a bad temper and it's good to teach her a lesson, but Jacob is innocent." There were some emotions in Melissa's voice. However, it was obvious that Ethan didn't want to answer her question. Then she sighed and said in a choked voice, "Sara passed away all of a sudden. I have to take care of her children. How could I let you hurt Jacob?"

"Take care of her children? I'm afrai

al in love! How sad and desperate her mother was when she heard the news.

With a pale face, Melissa looked at Ethan and said, "Is this your real purpose! Right? Now that your wish is fulfilled, when will you let Jacob go? "

"Before dark, Jacob will appear in the Yao family."

Melissa didn't answer Mia's question, but the answer was self-evident. Mia took a look at the documents scattered on the table beside Ethan, then turned around and ran out. After getting on the car, Mia quickly sent the video in her phone to Cathy and ordered the driver, "To the Yao family."

Not long after, Cathy called. Mia briefly told her what had happened and asked her to go to the Yao family.

She wanted to ask William about it herself. She wanted to see how much he knew about it.

On the bustling asphalt road, people came and went. Mia leaned against the back seat wearily. There were clouds in the grey sky, and the neon lights of different colors were reflected on the car window, but her mind was in a mess. A few minutes later, there were water drops inhabiting outside the window, and soon her sight was blurred.

The water drops on the car window were just like her mood now. She could see it and be affected, but she didn't know what would happen in the end...

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