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   Chapter 281 I Can Do Nothing

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"Mia, you have no conscience at all!"

Just when Mia was about to hang up the phone, William roared at the end of the line. Mia sneered and hung up without hesitation. But her face was already wet.

Before she could take off her phone, another call came in. A strange number made her answer the phone without hesitation. But before she could put the phone in her ear, the familiar voice made her frown tightly.

"I don't care what happened between us before. You can blame me for everything. I apologize for what Lora has done."

"Mia, Jacob is also your brother. Don't you worry about him at all?"

"Ethan is not a person to be trifled with. He took Jacob away without any reason. I'm really worried that something might happen."

The woman on the phone kept saying, one sentence after another, giving Mia no chance to answer. Finally Mia couldn't stand it and interrupted the chatter on the other end of the line. "I have said, I can do nothing."

"Mia, Jacob is your brother. How can you treat him like this?" Melissa's tone changed instantly.

"What kind of attitude should I have?" Mia couldn't help shouting back.

Even Melissa said that Jacob was her brother, so how could she not worry at all? But it was not that she didn't go, it was just that she couldn't make it. Ethan refused her.

"Mia, listen, if anything happens on Jacob, I curse you, curse you..."

Before Melissa could finish her words, Mia threw away the phone with a snap. She must be out of her mind to talk so much with Melissa. But when she walked to the door angrily, she turned around and turned off her phone. Then she took another phone that Daniel gave her and walked out of the lounge.

On the second day, Mia felt something was wrong after she calmed down. If Mandy said these words, she might be more willing to accept it. But Melissa's attitude really confused her.

Logically speaking, Melissa shouldn't have paid so much attention to Jacob. 'Was it because she had to rely on

eved Aiden, who had been worried all the time.

“……” Melissa was choked by Ethan's words and her face turned red.

Unable to hear any sound, Ethan plucked up the courage to stretch out her head. Ethan withdrew his sight and played with his bony fingers. His indifferent attitude made Mia raise the corners of her mouth unconsciously.

Not to mention this guy's other abilities for the time being, but his annoying ability had really improved greatly.

"Anything else? Shirley, see the guest out. " Ethan put his fingers on the armrest and knocked it from time to time.

"Wait!" Clenching her teeth in resentment, Melissa stopped Ethan. Then she stared at him for a long time and said in a hoarse voice, "I'll answer your question. Just let them go."

Ethan lowered his head and raised his eyebrows, waving his arm two times. Then Shirley left with the other servants in the hall.

Seeing no one else in the hall, Melissa walked slowly to the living room and found a seat to sit down. When she spoke again, her temperament suddenly changed. "Go ahead."

The sudden change of Melissa made Mia feel very familiar. She frowned and recalled for a long time, feeling that it was a little like the time when Melissa said something cruel to her outside the door of Yao family, but it didn't feel exactly the same.

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