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   Chapter 280 Why Didn't You Agree

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"Why not?" Hearing that Annie haven't decided whether she should give birth to the baby or not, Mia's heart twitched.

Perhaps it was because that she just gave birth to Darin, she thought. Since the little baby entered her life, she felt her whole world changed. She couldn't imagine how she would persuade Annie if she decided to give up the baby.

This idea was a little selfish with personal prejudice, but after all, she still wanted Annie to think carefully before taking action. After all, she could tell that Annie loved James.

"James proposed to me, but I refused him."

"Why?" Mia asked.

Annie struggled for a while. She rubbed her hair and cheeks until her hair was in a mess. Finally she leaned against the sofa listlessly and said, "I think he proposed to me just because of responsibility, but I don't need him to be responsible for me..."

"Oh my God!" Mia rubbed her forehead with a headache.

'Annie's logic was so weird. Who would take the rest of their life to be responsible for an unimportant person? Of course, there were such people, but the man who proposed to her was James, the son of the Jiang family! It was a much stronger family than her family.

If James didn't love her, how could he continue to entangle with her and even make her pregnant?

It didn't make sense.'

"Are you silly or James? Do you think he will marry you if he doesn't love you? You must know clearly that he is not that kind of person. Tell me, what else do you worry about? " Mia asked directly.

Annie's eyes turned red. She put her hands on her legs and stirred uneasily. After a while, she choked, "When he proposed, your sister Cathy and Floyd were also there, and Floyd didn't agree."

Even if Floyd didn't interfere, she still wanted to refuse, and his obstruction just made her more determined to refuse.

"Who? Floyd? " Mia was confused.

Cathy didn't say anything about this when she made a phone call.

After cursing in her heart, Mia turned around and picked up the phone. But wh

word carefully, but every word she said turned into hurt, stabbing Mia in pain.

Mandy was not in such a hurry even if her child was missing. But now her brother was just taken away by Ethan, Mandy could be so humble in front of her. Although Mia had known that grandma preferred boys to girls before, now she still felt pain in her heart.

"You can ask Ethan by yourself. I knew nothing." Mia said in a plain tone. Before Mandy said anything more, she quickly hung up the phone and threw it on the sofa.

Within two steps, her phone rang again. Mia didn't even want to take a look at it, but she was afraid that it was someone else calling. Then she picked up the phone and saw the screen, the next moment a sneer appeared on her face.

William is really...She didn't know how to describe him. With a sneer at the corners of her mouth, Mia pressed the answer key. Before the man on the other end of the line could speak, she said first, "If it's for Jacob's matter, I can only say that I can do nothing. I went to see Ethan, but he refused. Anything else? "

"Why did he refuse you?" Obviously, William didn't believe it.

"Why not? Have you forgotten that I have divorced him a long time ago?" Mia sneered and followed, "Don't call me again if you have nothing else to do. I can't help you with the matters of your family at all."

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