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   Chapter 279 What A Joke

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How dare he say he knew so much?

It was not that he dare not say that, but that he was afraid that Ethan would get mad at him later on.

At this time, Mrs. Su came to the front of the two, and Aiden took the opportunity to leave. Seeing that Aiden went out of the hall, Mrs. Su patted on the shoulder of Ethan and said softly, "Come with me."

Seeing the serious look on Mrs. Su's face, Ethan lazily stood up and followed her to the study on the second floor. As soon as he entered, Mrs. Su locked the door.

"What are you thinking now? How could my grandson be surnamed Jiang?" This matter had become a problem in her heart. If she couldn't solve it earlier, she would be restless all day long. She was afraid that Ethan would be as perfunctory as before, so she added, "I'm afraid you don't know your son's name till now. I don't mind telling you kindly that his name is Darin Jiang."

Ethan picked up the teapot, poured himself a small cup of tea and said lightly, "I know."

This answer surprised Mrs. Su. She quickly walked to Ethan and sat down, saying crossly, "Then you can still act as if nothing has happened?"

"We can change his surname back later." Ethan said expressionlessly.

"Things are not as simple as you think! Mia used to be such a good daughter-in-law of our Su family, but you divorced her, and now she had married to Daniel...What a pity! It's all your fault! Now that Darin is my grandson, we can't lose him. Take care!" Mrs. Su was so angry that she kept poking on Ethan's shoulder.

"Okay, I see." Frowning slightly, Ethan answered and dodged Mrs. Su's action.

'...Married to Daniel?

What a joke...' He had already known that Daniel and Mia didn't get the marriage certificate at all. To be exact, the marriage certificate that Daniel gave Mia was fake. He didn't tell Mia about it, just leaving room for her. Besides, he had also known that Daniel's heart was in decline. Whether he really allow Daniel to protect Mia during these days or to let Daniel achieve his wish of the past ten years, it was not a bad thing for him.

m more sure of his own feelings. It was strange. He couldn't tell why he had such a feeling.

'The man had set up an elaborate assassination plan in NH City, how could he be so stupid to use such a plan to grab the share inheritance agreement? Was he really driven into a corner?'

Ethan still had doubts about this.

Seeing that Darin had fallen asleep, Mia sat down beside Annie on tiptoe. Shaking her sleepy arm, Mia asked in a low voice, "Have you done the examination?"

"Yes." Holding the examination report in her hand, Annie lowered her head.

Looking at Annie like this, how could Mia be willing to force her again? She just sighed helplessly. If Cathy hadn't told her the news that Annie was pregnant, she would have been concealed. On the way back, she called Annie and urged her to come to the hospital for an examination. That was why this scene happened.

"Don't sigh." Annie raised her head and looked at Mia dejectedly.

Mia touched her forehead helplessly. After a while, she asked, "You've been pregnant for almost two months. Don't say that you did not know it until now."

"I knew it half a month ago." Annie answered. After answering, she stuffed the examination report into her bag. Before Mia could ask more, Annie said first, "I just haven't decided whether to give birth to this baby or not, but James knew about it before I make a decision."

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